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Shopping Lust

Fall stuff is showing up, and there’s a good but of it I want.  Here’s what I found just so far today (mind you, I’m at work, so this isn’t even a real deep dive…)

I am head over heals in love with the colors in this top.  I usually avoid horizontal stripes, but this might get me to make some exceptions.  That blue is very on-trend right now and looks fantastic on me, so this may be a must-have!  (Nordstroms, $98)

One thing to know about me is that I will take a cardigan over a jacket EVERY time.  I love the softness of a cardi and hate the ridgedness of most jackets.  So I’m always on the lookout for cute, stylish cardigans that have some pop to them.  So far I’ve found three I love this season.

J.Jill has a lovely color-block cardigan that will carry me through the winter with some color.  It again has the advantage of being easy to pair up with black pants and a tee, while not being bland.  $129

I am weighing that choice with this one from Evans‘ Clements Ribeiro collection.  ($99.50)  The colors are fun and the pattern is interesting, but I haven’t ordered anything from Evans and am therefore a little unsure of the sizing and shapes.

I took a look at Navabi and fell for this crinkle-look cardigan mostly because of the wonderful colors!  However they no longer have my size, so I may have to pass on this.  As the most expensive of the three at $159.90, that might not be an entirely bad thing.

In terms of Pants, while I live and die by black trousers I am seriously considering a pair of colored jeans in either a red or an olive.  The trick is finding a bootcut or at LEAST a straight leg.  These NYDJ at Nordstroms might go with the top above, or I might get them in olive and find a bright red pair.

I don’t have a lot of call to dress up, but for a going out dress I am considering this Red dress from Nordstroms ($68).  I’m not entirely sold on the high-low hemline, since everytime I see one my brain yells out MULLET.  But the world needs more strong women in red dresses, and if the hem doesn’t look good (or when the style runs it’s course) I can always get the back taken up.

The final item on this post is something I MUST HAVE, even if I have to hit my husband over the head and just buy it.  This Kate Spade purse ($358) will be mine.  This is a big deal, because I NEVER buy purses this expensive.  (As my husband points out, I get bored and want a new bag all too often.)  So if anyone knows of a coupon or discount that will get the price down (so he will yell a bit less) that would be a good thing…

Shopping lust: Bags

I am not poor, but I am also not made of money.  So from time to time I will post the things I am LUSTING after that I just can’t justify purchasing.  Today that is Bags.

Here’s the thing:  I get bored.  Fast.  The fact that I still carry those Michael Kors Pocket Totes is a miracle; more likely I last about 3-4 weeks and am ready to move on.  Sometimes less.  I have a small collection of better bags (Coach, B Makowsky) listed on ebay right now in order to fund buying some new ones.  Because each of these has some problem:  Not enough structure, too much structure, not big enough, too big, not the right pockets, not enough pockets, too many pockets, etc.  The list goes on, but my husband has forbidden me from spending more than $100 on a bag unless I KNOW I will love it.  (He’s not allowed to buy expensive sunglasses, since he looses (on average) one pair per week.  It’s a trade-off.)

However these are the ones I’ve been lusting after and am actively looking for decent quality bags that are inspired by these:

Marni Printed Cotton and Leather Bag – Was $378, but sold at and now I can’t find it.  Probably for the best.  I am in love with both the bold print and the way the interior is laid out.


Sara Berman “Mini” Jivvy Leather Cross-body Bag – $200 at  The studs appeal to my lurking goth, the color is perfect for all, and the size (14x12x4) appears right about where I want it.  But at $200…..

(In case you couldn’t tell, I like bold bags.  That is probably part of the problem, since they don’t go with everything.  I also want them relatively compact, otherwise I will carry my entire life around with me.)


Coach New Willis in Vermillion – A bit smaller (10x9x3.5), but a classic shape, more structure (like the 1st one) and I love the warm red. $298  The City Willis (same price) is a slightly different shape (12x7x3.5 rectangle) but the same idea, and is just as lovely.  In fact I almost like it a bit better….I would need to make sure that my tablet would fit, however.


I most CERTAINLY don’t need a bag the size (14x10x4) of this Micheal Kors Jet Set Tote, but he TOTALLY had me at Purple Python!  The chain detailing is right on trend,  as well.  *DROOL*  $298

I think I may do some shopping tomorrow… In the meantime, some quality time with eBay seems to be in order….