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Happy spring colors

Spring comes early in Arizona, which means that my spring wardrobe comes out earlier than most.  Today’s outfit was a personal challenge to not wear black and go for happy spring colors.  Of course, I managed to forget my camera (riding my bike tends to make me a little scatter-brained in the morning) so you get indoor pics today!  I’m liking my hair, though!

Photo on 3-25-13 at 11.58 AM

Old navy lists this tank as Grey, but it looks green to both me and my husband.  I played around with wearing it with both this dark hunter color and more of an olive shade, and both looked good.  The hunter won because they are a heavier fabric and it’s still a little chilly (by Arizona standards) early in the morning.

  • 41-O93h6yeLDark green (really) knit jeans (Coldwater Creek, old)
  • Peach cardigan (J.Jill)
  • Green and Peach tank (Old Navy)
  • Peach hobo (Penny Sue, purchased at LittleBlackBag)
  • Peach and tan Bracelets (Purchased at LittleBlackBag)
  • Khaki Earthies Larissa Sandals (purchased off ebay, mostly available on clearance if you hunt around a bit) Pictured here, since you can’t see them in the picture.

These jeans are an interesting case.  I remember them being too snug the last time I wore them, but today they fit perfectly.  Yet my weight hasn’t changed.  Here’s hoping I can drop a size or two regardless of what the scale says.

Here’s a closeup shot that will give you a better look at the bracelets:

Photo on 3-25-13 at 11.55 AM

I spent this past weekend (well, part of it) in my closet.  I went through all the clothing, put together a big bag of stuff that I took to good will, including stuff I didn’t like, that didn’t fit right, or that I just hadn’t worn despite owning for a long time.  I also donated a bunch of sandals that are cute but have no arch support; I just find them too painful to walk far in, and I’d rather focus on filling in blanks with shoes that meet my needs better.

At the same time, I pulled all my heavy sweaters and put them into a tote to go to the dry cleaners.  I love them all, but they need to be cleaned and put away for the season.  Right now they are just entirely too warm and that will only get worse.  Plus it’s like a huge shopping trip in the fall when I pull them back out!

Cardigans like this one stay; it’s a linen blend and very light weight.  I also keep the open-weave ones around for summer.  I love my layers, but nothing that will cause me to overheat!

My closet is still a bit overcrowded, though.  Primarily this is due to an unwillingness to let certain pieces go; tops I love but that have either shrunk or are looking worse for wear.  Also, I have a whole collection of “sitting-around-the-house” tees that I don’t wear out; they are soft, generally oversized and in all sorts of random colors, many of which just aren’t good colors for me but that I think are pretty.  I would probably have a lot more space in my closet if I let those two groups of tops go (or at least started folding and putting elsewhere the house tees).

Or I need a house with a bigger closet.  I mean, after all, my shoes are in a different closet and I have a bookshelf with doors for my purses.  Clearly I don’t have enough space 🙂

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A busy week calls for simple clothing

IMG_2775Last week didn’t get any less busy as it went on but at least by Friday I managed to get enough done to feel like the week had been a success.

  • Black slim-leg knit jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Floral A-line Tank (J.Jill)
  • Linen Blend Drape Cardigan (JJill)
  • Black sandals (Aetrex; old)
  • Black and white purse (Penny Sue, purchased at Little Black Bag)
  • Art Deco-esque Necklace (my boutique across the street)

The bag is a new one from Little Black Bag.  On the one hand, I think it looks really sharp – from a distance.  However it feels kind of PVC-like in a way I’m not entirely fond of.  The size and shape are terrific, though, so for now I will hang on to it.  With any luck, it will hold up in the way that only PVC can; forever.

Photo on 3-22-13 at 3.47 PM #3

IMG_2788Closer shot of the necklace.  I really like it; crystals in a few places, a very art deco feeling design, and just the right length for this type of top.  It wouldn’t be considered officially art deco, but it has that feel.  I like that era and the design aesthetic, so for me this was a great find!

As you can tell from the location of the full length shot, I rode my bike Friday and was on my way back to the bike shop.  (This is the best spot on my walk to take a picture; there’s a mail box to put the tripod on and enough shade that the light isn’t problem.

I replaced the tires with ones that are less sensitive to thorns and all the detritus on the sides of the road in Arizona.  The fastest way to ruin a perfectly lovely ride is a flat tire.  The 9 miles from home to work isn’t a hard ride, but a flat can take it from 40 minutes (stop lights; meh) to twice that.  What I love about riding is the feeling of motion; the wind, watching the ground disappear under my tires, all that.  (I’d say the wind in my hair, but I wear a helmet when I ride; my brain is my most valuable asset, so I protect it.  And I don’t trust cars.)  Overall, it’s very satisfying.

I rode twice last week.  The goal for this week is to ride 3 times, but the minimum is still 2.  Early meetings can throw off the schedule very easily.  Riding makes me feel good, although someone needs to explain why my weight keeps going up despite a substantial calorie deficit; I’m thinking I just need to leave the scale alone for a while.


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Waving to Spring as we speed by…

IMG_2588There are a lot of things I love about Arizona, starting with 300+ sunny days per year. But this weeks weather report suggests that we will be waving to spring as we speed by.

  • Monday, high in the mid 70s.
  • Tuesday and wednesday, highs in the mid 80s.
  • Thursday and friday, highs in the 90s.

That means my spring summer wardrobe will be out in full force starting very soon and the bulky sweaters are all headed for the cleaners to be put away for the season.

Today I went with one of my loose weave (and therefore lighter weight) pull over sweaters, this one in olive green.  I put it on with dark red pants hoping that it wouldn’t look too christmas-y.

  • Dark red straight leg jeans (Bandolino, purchased at Marshalls)
  • Olive pull over sweater (purchased at Marshalls)
  • Olive tank (J.Jill)
  • Tan purse (Foley and Corinna)
  • Owl Necklace (Charming Charlies)
  • Wood grain bracelet (Little Black Bag)
  • Olive and Camo Top Siders (Sperry)

I’m thinking that I’m going to donate these pants.  They aren’t comfortable and they aren’t particularly attractive.  They fit kind of funny – tight at the top of the hip, big at the lower hip, and bad fit always makes me feel worse about my appearance.  Plus, they border on being too short for any but the flattest of shoes.  If the length shrinks any more, they won’t be wearable. Even if I lost weight I don’t think they would look good.  Thankfully, they were cheap, so donating them isn’t a big deal.


I also experimented with taking pictures today.  The negative of the curly hair style is that my hair is still wet when I leave the house.  That means I can’t take pictures as I leave, so I have to find somewhere else.  (Once I start riding my bike to work again, later this week, I’ll have the same problem.)    I’m still looking for a decent place, although the spot in the first picture (in the shade) isn’t bad.  I just need to figure out how to set the tripod to get a full length shot.

Photo on 3-11-13 at 1.59 PM

Wave goodbye to closed toe shoes.  Tomorrow the sandals start and I expect you won’t see covered toes again for quite some time!  I’m looking forward to that; I have far more cute sandals than cute closed toe shoes, so I can’t wait to bring them out of the closet!

My style motto, and the best reason I can think of to wear sensible shoes!

Run away with the doctor


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Not so casual friday

IMG_2406Well, as promised I wore a dress today.  I like this one because it has some neat detailing and is so busy that it just SCREAMS for simple accessories.  In this case I went with a pair of black leggings and ballet flats, a combo I’ve seen all over the place but which is probably just a bit (ok a lot) too young for me.  Tights and boots or bare and sandals would be better.

  • Skater Dress (Asos Curve, no longer available, similar)
  • Black Leggings (can’t recall)
  • Black ballet flats (Sofft, old)
  • Marble and gold bracelets (can’t recall)

I also took my friends suggestion about setting the camera up higher, but I’m not sure it helped and the background is nowhere near as attractive.  I mean really, who wants to see my dirty car.

Looking at the picture I’m starting to think this might be too busy a print.  Either that or I need to take it up some and consider it a tunic.  I would have thrown a cardi or jacket over it, but the long sleeves limit my choices and can be kind of binding.

Photo on 2-28-13 at 11.13 AM #2

I blurred around the edges so that you can’t see how bad of a housekeeper I am, but I had to take this picture at home so the camera wasn’t quite set up right.  As you can see, however, there is some neat detailing at the top that makes a necklace kind of redundant and unnecessary.

Anyway, for better or worse this outfit is comfortable and certainly unique.  Whether I’ll wear it again or change it is another question entirely.

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Casual Friday, and Sales

IMG_2259It’s friday, finally.  Work this week has made the whole thing seem very long; too many really early mornings and minor “emergencies” that add stress but don’t really make anything better.

Today’s look is almost completely reruns:

Technically I don’t think the purse goes with the outfit, but it was brand new and I wanted to carry it.  It’s cute (although VERY girly). I am really fond of Melie Bianco’s stuff.

Here’s some detail on the necklace and bracelet:

Photo on 2-22-13 at 10.22 AM

The bracelet wraps around twice, while the necklace is a piece of agate that’s been wire-wrapped.

I mentioned sales for a reason.  Coldwater Creek has everything already marked down an additional 40% off.  As you can probably tell, they are my go-to place for pants for 2 reasons:  First, they make comfortable fabrics and second, I wear a smaller size and it therefore feeds my ego.  To give you an idea, I tried on a pair of Dockers Khaki’s the last time I was at Marshall’s and had to wear a 24.  I wear a 22 in Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.  However I wear a 20 in Coldwater Creek knit jeans and Ponte pants.  And since I like the fabrics a LOT better than the Dockers, I intend to stick with them.  This link will take you to all the pants that are currently on sale.  I also rather like their cardigans, although I’m not terribly fond of their t-shirts. Make sure you read the comments if you want to get the truest feel for the sizing, but I almost ALWAYS end up going down a size.

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