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Casual Sunday

There are a number of challenges right now that speak to what one would wear to run errands or just hang out on a sunday.  This is what I chose for running around and doing things like grocery shopping, Costco, and a few other things… IMG_0004 There is nothing at all complicated about this outfit but I love the mix of blacks and brown leather.  In fact, this outfit is technically all neutrals.

  • T-shirt: Avenue
  • Slim-cut Boyfriend Jeans: J.Jill (the colored ones are no longer available)
  • Sandals: Orthaheel
  • Bag: Michael Kors (older)
  • Owl Necklace: Charming Charlies (older)
  • Bracelet: no-name leather wrap bracelet with crystals
  • Sunglasses: no-names so that when I lose them they aren’t a big deal
  • Phone: iPhone 5s in the Nina Garcia case from Otterbox (out because it is now functioning essentially as a remote for my camera)

IMG_0018 IMG_0036 Makeup is minimal:

IMG_0015 It’s only 96 degrees out today, although for AZ it’s quite humid (28%).  If you are wondering why I am still wearing pants in what anywhere else would seem like excessive heat, there are 4 reasons.

  1. They are more practical for running errands in than a skirt – you don’t get them caught in car doors (as with a maxi skirt) or have to worry about them sliding up too far (as with a shorter skirt).
  2. I personally dislike capri’s.  While I am used to seeing them all over the place, I don’t consider them flattering on anyone.  I consider them especially UNflattering on someone short and round like me.
  3. Scarily enough, you do actually get used to the heat enough that it doesn’t get intolerable until a much higher temperature.  For me it has to go over 110 before it’s really uncomfortable, so 96 is downright cool.  Heck, anything under body temperature is cool.
  4. My 2 pairs of shorts are in the wash *shrug*

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Mondrian inspired

What a week… I took pictures, then never got back to post these on Monday.

IMG_2964Ah well, this outfit was put together around this cute Mondrian-inspired tank I picked up a while ago on Ideeli (I think).  The bold color-blocking is a ton of fun, although these brights are not the traditional primary colors Mondrian originally used.  Who cares.  This is a fun tank.

I am kind of peeved about the short-sleeved cardigan, though.  It was washed and shrank, differently on each side.  It is shorter on the left than the right, which is just plain odd.

IMG_2991 The rest of the outfit is pretty straight forward – black jeans (coldwater creek as usual), pink sandals (trotters, from zulilly) and my beloved pink Melie Bianco Roya bag.

This would be the image in which I somehow managed to lose the key to the u-lock that was locking my campus bike to the rack.  I had to call campus police and then the AC shop to get someone to come over and cut it off for me (not to mention swearing on my first born that the piece of junk bike really WAS mine and that I wasn’t stealing it).  Still can’t find the darn key, but it was while pulling out the camera to take this picture that I last saw it….

Anyway, the accessories are more visible in this close up:

Photo on 5-29-13 at 1.43 PM #3 The bangle is from Betsey Johnson (as were the sunglasses), both purchased from Little Black Bag. The necklace is from my one JewelMint purchase.  It’s actually pretty decent quality; my problem was the subscription model, which just irritates me on principle.  I’ll buy when I see something that I like; I don’t want to be forced to buy things every month if I don’t want to.  So I closed my account.

Next week I will try to do better about getting more than one outfit post per week up.  It’s not that I  haven’t been wearing cute things; it’s been more of an issue with taking pictures and then putting the post together.  Baby steps….

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Black and white – for days when you don’t want to think too hard!

Today was a pretty good, although busy, day at work.  I had back to back meetings and a pile of work that I never did quite catch up on.  However due dates appear to be arranging themselves favorably and that is definitely helping me calm down.

When I was getting dressed, however, I knew that I would be in meetings (so I needed to be comfortable) and some of them would be with people from other institutions (so I needed to look pulled together).  My go-to for that kind of day is black and white!


I LOVE this outfit.  It is comfortable but looks sharp, has tons of style and is very current without being inaccessibly trendy.  My husband has complimented it more than once.


I suppose I could have belted the top, but that isn’t a look I feel comfortable with and it was more important to feel good about everything.

  • Black Peplum Tee (Simply Be, $20)
  • Black and White Maxi (Lane Bryant – no longer available)
  • Black and White Polka-Dot Necklace (Vintage, bought on Etsy, $12 and a favorite statement piece this season)
  • Black and White Lindenwood Leopard Bag (Kate Spade, multiple available on ebay)
  • Black Patent Sandals (Dansko Sophia Slide, $70 on clearance at a local specialty shoe store)
  • Black and Silver Bracelet (Vince Camuto, purchased but no longer available on LittleBlackBag)
  • Sunglasses (Betsey Johnson, also purchased but no longer available on LittleBlackBag)

You could probably make the argument that this top is a size too big.  I bought it a size big just to make sure that, if it shrank, it would still fit.  Having washed it, I am ordering more (another black, a hot pink and a purple) and will try to order 22s instead of 24 where available.  (The darn things are $20 and look terrific with a skirt – they may become my go-to better-than-a-plain-tee tops this summer!)

One piece of administrative information:  Part of keeping the blog from becoming more work than it’s worth have been the following changes:

  1. Not bothering with affiliate links.  They aren’t worth the trouble, and no one offers to give me anything much anyway.  Still linking back to the products if I can, though.
  2. Outfit posts on Monday and Wednesdays.  If I have more good outfits in a week and can pull together a post, terrific, but I’m not going to put a lot of pressure on myself to try to post an outfit every day.  This week I’m cheating and doing the whole week in 1 post.
  3. Friday’s I will pull something together in Polyvore.  Only plus sized vendors/clothing, reasonably priced items, though.  There are a lot of gorgeous things on polyvore that only the 1% can afford, and I’m not in that group.
  4. Random shopping posts as I have money to shop.  Or if I find somewhere new that is worth the shout-out.

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Bad hair day – can the outfit make up for it?

IMG_2870I have to admit that today was NOT a great hair day.  I tried something new and, well, I’m not happy with how it came out.  However the outfit is something of an old standby; solid and dependable.

  • Black jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black knit cardigan (Alfani, purchased at Macy’s a while ago)
  • Black, blue and white tank (purchased at Marshalls)
  • Black patent wedges (Gabor)
  • Blue and gold bangle bracelets (purchased at Marshalls)
  • Blue bag (Street Level, purchased at LittleBlackBag)
  • Gold cartouche (old, gift from my father)

The bag was a great deal – I picked it up for a little more than $20 as a sale item on Little Black Bag and I’m really pleased.  It’s not leather (they are only just starting to add leather bags at higher price points now) but it has a great texture and is a brilliant blue that works well with a lot of my summer stuff.

My biggest problem with this outfit is that you can’t see much of the pattern on the tank; it’s an art deco-esque pattern, and is gorgeous.  I wore it so often last summer that it’s starting to fade.  Still fits though, so until it falls apart it is going to stay in my regular rotation!  Here‘s a better picture of the design that I posted last summer.

Photo on 4-3-13 at 11.22 AM

I remain really pleased with the find of these bangles at Marshall’s.  In fact I may have to go back and get some more in other colors.  And my hair looks better in the closeup, so that’s always nice 🙂

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Classic spring colors

IMG_2833Classic spring color palate; White, Navy and Hot Pink accents.  My husband actually teased me the other day about the amount of pink I’ve been adding to my wardrobe, but it’s a favorite accent color for me.  Never baby pink; always bright hot pinks.

  • Navy striped tee (Ralph Lauren Outlet, similar)
  • White, Navy and pink cardigan (Eloquii)
  • White straight leg jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Pink Canvas Pocket Tote (Michael Kors; old)
  • Navy sandals (Kenneth Cole Reaction, purchased at TJMaxx)
  • Pink shell necklace (old)
  • Pink leather bracelet (old)
  • Pink sunglasses (Betsey Johnson, purchased through LittleBlackBag)

Before I got into purse, I had 2 identical bags that I alternated between.  These Michael Kors Pocket Totes are nearly perfect in terms of size and shape.  I have this one in pink that I carried spring and summer, and a leopard print version that I carried fall and winter.  I refuse to get rid of them; they are still awesome bags.  So they are still part of my regular rotation!

This outfit was inspired by a couple of other outfits I’ve seen lately involving stripes on stripes.  I think it’s a fun look.  If the stripes are the same colors, they actually look great if the “main” color is reversed (as in this case) or if the stripes are of different sizes/thicknesses.

Photo on 4-2-13 at 11.09 AM #2

However for a cheap dime-store necklace, that pink fake shell thing is getting a lot of wear.  I need to go shopping and find something better that can still bring the color in but be more in tune with my style shape-wise.

I also am still on the hunt for a pair of navy-ish sandals that I love.  These are OK, but not as comfortable as I would prefer and don’t have any heel at all.  I would prefer some heel (an inch or two).  So that hunt goes on.  (I could have worn the navy cape cod polka dot sandals last worn here, but felt like that would be a bit much with the stripes on stripes.)

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