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Start from the bottom up

IMG_2809I got a new pair of shoes last week that IMMEDIATELY inspired me to make an outfit around them.


Sometimes, if the shoes are cute enough, they just hand you an outfit on a silver platter, and that’s what happened here.

  • Black and red Cape Clogs Le Femme Sandals (Cape Clogs)
  • Black maxi skirt (Karen Kane, purchased at Dillards, old)
  • Black and white chevron cami (Lane Bryant)
  • Red bell-sleeve jacket (J.Jill, no longer available in plus)
  • Red dot bag (Kate Spade Deborah Dot Nadine – no longer available; check ebay) Still love this more than I can possibly explain.
  • Red steampunk necklace (artist friend)
  • Red Bangles (Mystique, purchased at Marshall’s)
  • Black Bangle (Vince Camuto, purchased through LittleBlackBag)

Photo on 4-1-13 at 12.46 PM

So that you can see the mixed bangles and the necklace.

2013-01-10 10.46.34This outfit just threw itself together for me.  I mean seriously, the hardest part was deciding whether to do the maxi skirt or a pair of black skinny jeans.  I literally started pulling things out of the closet and this was the first item of everything.  No questions.  Just easy.

Part of what I love is that each piece is heavy and solid – nothing feels cheap or flimsy.  And I could probably kill someone with these shoes…They are solid wood soles…Yet comfortable and with arch support.  I don’t know how they do it!

2012-09-11_14-42-41I still adore this bag.  I swear, sometimes, that if I had to get rid of all but one this is probably the one I would keep.  Fun, great shape and size, both a cross-body strap and a handle. What else could you ask for?



Today was an amazing ride to work – the perfect temp; just cool enough to be comfortable without being chilly.  Although it wasn’t actually any faster than normal, the ride felt somehow easier.  Loved it!

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Outfit snippets from an overly busy week

The second half of last week was insane; big deliverables due to my boss’s boss (the CFO) that had to tie out to the financial statements as well as answer the question correctly, back to back meetings, and all sorts of craziness at home.  The result was that all I found time for was a couple of quick pictures at my desk; no full length shots.  For example, this shot that was taken at 8pm:

Photo on 3-7-13 at 7.28 PM

I loved the outfit (even though my hair had gone flat by then), so I had to show it.

The black pants and shoes were the same old same-old, but I love the necklace and jacket together.  I think I need a stark black and white purse, though.

These glasses are also new, and I think the style works incredibly well with this outfit.  They are a Wayfarer style, which is both classic and retro-chic right now.  More important for me is that they are more than just simple reading glasses; they are super functional computer bifocals.  The lower part of the lens is my normal reading correction (+1.75) while the upper part is about half that.  The entire lens has an anti-glare coating and slight tint to make looking at a computer all day easier.  While I love my regular reading glasses if all I’m doing is reading, the added functionality of these saved my butt this week.

The next morning was more of the same:

Photo on 3-8-13 at 10.51 AM #2

I added a little color and some fun jewelry, but it was another day in front of a monitor working like a fiend, so I was glad for the computer bifocals.

  • Black tee (purchased at Marshall’s)
  • Purple cardigan (Coldwater Creek, old)
  • Black and gold bracelet (Coldwater Creek on clearance)
  • Purple and red necklace (Kate Spade, purchased off ebay)
  • Black jeggings (Lane Bryant last fall)
  • Black boots (old)
  • Black and Brown purse (Melie Bianco)
  • Heritage Computer Bifocal Reading Glasses (gifted by ReadingGlassesShopper)

You can tell how busy I was just by the fact that I didn’t get a chance to change purses all week long.

The numbers got to the big boss in time, all the meetings were dealt with and there should be full length pictures again this upcoming week.  Husband is off for spring break but I have to work (meh). The weather is supposed to be MUCH warmer (70s, 80s, and I think I even saw one 90 degree day late in the week) so my spring goodies will be coming out in force!

(The reading glasses were a gift from, however the opinions about them are all mine.)


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Disappearing at a meeting

Photo on 2-21-13 at 5.49 PMHave you ever had to go to a meeting where you really just wanted to fade into the background?  You didn’t want to get called on or any of that kind of thing?  Today’s outfit was inspired by just such a meeting (starting, I might add, at 7:30AM).  Now, I usually wear a LOT of bright colors and am rarely accused of being afraid to speak out, but meeting (over 100 people, with my bosses boss and his direct reports and their direct reports) was not something I wanted to deal with.  So here’s what I picked to blend in.

  • Black top (Coldwater Creek, purchased off eBay)
  • Raisin Ponte Trousers (Coldwater Creek)
  • Grey cardigan (Eileen Fisher, purchased off ebay
  • Raisin bracelet (Coldwater Creek, similar)
  • Raisin necklace (Coldwater Creek, similar)
  • Grey shoes (Gabor 55.460, no longer available in grey)
  • Black, grey and oxblood purse (Pietro Alessandro, purchased on one of the flash sale sites)

Photo on 2-21-13 at 5.51 PM #4Yes, those pants are a color.  I know it’s hard to see in these pictures, but they are a deep burgundy color that CC calls Raisin.  You can see the shoes here as well.

(Having to be at a meeting at 7:30 meant there was no time for outdoor full-length pictures.

This sweater is one of my all time favorites. It’s soft and warm and has some shaping to it and I would buy it in every color of the rainbow.  Which is, of course, why it was only ever available in charcoal and the design hasn’t been done again since.  *sigh*

Photo on 2-21-13 at 5.51 PM #2

The black top is interesting, but gave me problems all day.  It has a criss-cross neckline, which always seems too low for professionalism on me.  I swear it’s pinned closed, but that just means you don’t see my bra.  It then has a band directly under the bust which gives the top a really nice shape.  I picked this black one and a brown one up on ebay for about $10 total.

I realize this isn’t one of my BEST outfits, but it fit my purpose of not being too noticeable while still expressing my style.  I was comfortable (or as comfortable as anyone could be in those truly hideous chairs) and confident, while not attracting undue attention to myself in a room full of people who knew far more than I did about the topic at hand.  To me, that’s a win.

Closeup of the jewelry and you can see the purse in the background.  Bonus points for resisting the urge to touch up/blur the wrinkles around my eyes (mostly under) That I can see now that I take a closer look at the picture 🙂

Photo on 2-21-13 at 5.39 PM

Bonus points to anyone who can identify the source of the image behind me when I’m standing up.  Yes, I have that on my office wall!  I love academia.

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Working when the husband is off….meh.

President’s Day.  Some people (like me) are at work while SOME people (like my husband) have the day off.  I hate holidays like this; I could so use a day off this week to get some consulting stuff done.  Ah well…

This weeks inspiration monday was a no-brainer.  It also fit my mood this morning of grumpiness at Husband still being in bed.  However when I went into the closet, my BLACK heavy leggings weren’t there.  I’m guessing they are in the wash, but who knows.  Anyway, so here’s my interpretation of Charlize’s easy-going outfit.

  • IMG_2141Black tunic (Eileen Fisher, old)
  • Burgundy Leggings (Lane Bryant, they called them Jeggings this past fall)
  • Black Boots (Avenue)
  • Scarf (Calvin Klein, purchased at Marshall’s)
  • Pardon my French Bracelet (Kate Spade, purchased off ebay)
  • Black, grey and burgundy bag (Pietro Alessandro, purchased from one of the flash sale sites because I fell for the colors)

I added the scarf because the outfit felt somewhat blah without it, plus it gave me an excuse to wear my swearing bracelet 🙂

I waffle on this tunic; it’s hard to complain about a big, loose black tunic, but this one is made of some form of polyester and tends to get staticky as the day goes on.  The scarf isn’t helping right now.  Still, I hang on to it because it’s nice to have something like this in the closet for really bloated days.  It would be terrific maternity wear (except I’m too old for that).

Here’s a closeup of the beloved bracelet and a better look at the scarf:

Photo on 2-18-13 at 9.41 AM #2

I admit that I have a soft spot for vaguely subversive things like this bracelet; it looks beautiful and sharp, and basically is swearing.  I have a ring somewhere that says “Bite Me” in latin.  I prefer a little subtly in my expressions of attitude.  Plausible deniability and all….

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Pinspiration and Take one, Pass it on

IMG_1994This weekend I stumbled on an interesting alternative to the 30×30 idea called Take One, Pass It On.  The idea is that you take one garment that you wear today and wear it again tomorrow in a different look.  I can work with that, so I’m going to try it for February.

Today’s look was inspired by something I found on pinterest this weekend.  This polyvore combination struck me immediately because I pretty much had all the pieces and it gave me an excuse to wear my beloved grey cardigan.

  • Grey cardigan (Eileen Fisher, purchased off ebay)
  • Red tee (J.Jill, old)
  • Grey jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Red purse (Brahmin, purchased off ebay)
  • Red leather wrap bracelet
  • Red animal print scarf (Marshalls)
  • Grey heeled loafers (Gabor)

The bag looks a little odd because it’s half empty and therefore not holding it’s shape well.  In retrospect the Kate Spade bag might have been a better choice.

Here’s a detail shot that better shows the scarf pattern.  I didn’t expect this scarf to be one of my most worn pieces when I bought it, but I find I wear it all the time.

Photo on 2-4-13 at 10.15 AM

While a lot of people were off watching the game yesterday (Sunday), I watched Puppy Bowl IX, colored my hair and took a nap.  I have no interest in football, and had spent most of the prior day at the shelter volunteering, so it was nice to have a lazy, quiet day.  I never made it out of yoga pants, and that in itself was just fine!

I am starting a new eating* plan this week.  I am not worrying about WHAT I eat (other than trying to make good choices) but I am paying a lot of attention to WHEN I eat.  I have a tendency to eat most of my calories after work (often more than half between 7-11pm).  Forgetting lunch or just having a snack is not uncommon, but even when I ate a meal it usually isn’t that good for me or big enough to matter.  Then, in the evening, I eat a big dinner, then a late snack.  The result is a lot of calories at the time of day when my body least needs them.

So my doctor and I talked and (based on some newly published research) my new goal is to eat light at dinner time and eat a big lunch; basically try to swap the meals.  In service of that, I (at 46) bought a meal plan for the semester and will be going to the dining halls for lunch at least 2 days a week.  (The idea is that they have lots of selections, good quality fresh food that I don’t have to cook.  Plus it gets me out of my office and walking around mid-day.)  Days that I don’t use my meal plan I can go out to one of the off campus eateries or bring something heavier than I previously would have.  Then for dinner I will eat something lighter.  In the end it may be a bit more expensive, but worth it to improve my health.

This is the goal at least.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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*Dieting and I have a long and troubled relationship.  I have been heavy for my entire life; my parents put me on my first “diet” when I was in the single digits.  Twice I have lost large amounts of weight (50+lbs).  The first time landed me in the hospital (an early version of medifast).  The second landed me with a shrink.

I was counting calories and, while I knew I had some detail oriented tendencies, it took me a while to realize that I had become OCD-level obsessive about tracking calories (think tracking the calories in cough drops when sick or my daily multivitamin) and obsessively scheming about what I could or couldn’t eat (and how I could make a couldn’t a could), along with engaging in what amounts to exercise bulimia (where eating over the calorie target required massive exercise to work it off immediately) on top of massive amounts of exercise by any normal standard (1-4 hours of cardio per day; my excuse was training for a half iron-man).  After a year of doing those things AND not losing an ounce (we suspect that I actually wasn’t eating enough, but even when that occurred to me then I could NOT make myself eat more without massive guilt and associated exercise), I stopped.  It took 2 years to stop counting calories in my head every time something passed my lips.  I gained the weight back.

My doctor and I have talked about this and agree that going back to counting calories is not a mentally healthy way for me to lose weight; frankly we both agree that losing weight isn’t the goal; remaining healthy is.  So to start with, we are going to work on moving my biggest meal of the day to mid-day and reducing what I eat at night.  That is the goal for february; to make that a fully engrained habit.  March it should be warm enough for me to ride to work again, so my goal will be 3 days per week.  The hope is that those two changes together will result in my blood pressure dropping enough that I no longer need the (admittedly very low dose of) medication and that my weight will drop some.  I don’t care so much about the weight but would like to be more muscle and less flab; dropping pant size would be lovely.

The reason I mention all this is to explain that I don’t diet and you won’t read diet advice on this blog.  When I talk about diet-related issues, I am really focused on health.  I will never be skinny.  But nothing says I have to be unhealthy.  Fat doesn’t CAUSE disease (let me know if you want references); the two are related to one another in ways that doctors don’t completely understand, and is better thought of as a symptom or an indicator of an increased likelihood of certain metabolic disorders (blood pressure, diabetes, kidney/liver problems, etc).  There are ways to control the causes of those disorders that may or may not effect weight.  Those are the healthy changes I am after.  If I lose weight, that’s a side effect.  Not the goal.

One last thing.  Unless it is a life or death situation I will NEVER have weight loss surgery.  The fact that it is being sold as a quick and easy solution just kills me; it is, in fact, a massive and risky solution where there may not be sufficient problems to justify it.  If you would like references let me know.  People often gain the weight back, and it changes your relationship with food forever in a patently unhealthy way for both your mind and your body.  It just isn’t worth it.