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Something bright for a Monday

IMG_0050This dress is the reason that I rejoined Gwynnie Bee.  I saw it in a blog post from Authentically Emmie and fell head over heals in love with the dress.  It’s a Melissa Masse, a designer I’ve never heard of before, so I had no idea what the price point would be, but since Emmie’s post came up on my birthday I took it as a sign that I needed to have it. So I went out and looked around for it.  And found it at Bloomingdales for $295.00.  *GASP* Now, I make good money.  But I only barely paid that for my WEDDING dress, I sure as heck wasn’t going to pay it for a casual dress. So I rejoined Gwynnie Bee, just so that I could wear it, and discovered a a whole pile of upgrades to the program.  The first was obviously the brands; when I left I complained that most of the items were from less expensive brands; ASOS Curve and comparable.  All brands that I could just go out and buy if I wanted.  Obviously that’s changed. The next improvement I found was that Gwynnie Bee lets you BUY the items you have at home, generally for a considerable discount.  Talk about happy dance!  It took a few weeks, but when this dress finally came and I tried it on, I vowed that it was NOT going back.  That meant that when it showed up with a price of $120, I jumped all over it. IMG_0055 Seriously, what’s a girl to do? Anyway, here are the details:

  • Dress: Melissa Masse, mine now but originally through Gwynnie Bee
  • Shoes: Earthies (older, similar)
  • Purse: Kate Spade (Kirk Park Maise, similar)
  • Bracelet: Kate Spade (Locked In, pink, older)
  • Necklace: unknown

(Yes, as a matter of fact, I AM a huge kate spade fan.  If she would JUST make her clothes in plus-sizes, I would be happily broke for the rest of my life…) rebecca-minkoff-multi-poppy-crossbody-criss-cross-weave-mini-mac-product-1-7537801-078475253_large_flexNote that this bag is somewhat larger than I usually carry, but I have a whole bunch of meetings today and needed to bring my notes.  I also have a lovely graphic Rebecca Minkoff Mac that is black with pink details and more in line with the size I usually carry.  This bag, except in Black and Pink instead of Navy and Pink.  Looks just as good (actually potentially better since it echos the pattern) but carries a fraction as much. IMG_0071   Sorry for the complete lack of smiles – it was hot (95) when I took these pictures, my hair was lifeless from the rather high (for arizona) humidity (50% – it started raining minutes later) and I was quite literally melting.  It made me kind of grumpy.  See how much I love you?

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Rockin’ the 60s

This dress just seems so Mod to me – I cannot WAIT for the temperatures to drop enough to wear it with a pair of black boots….

2014-07-28 08.43.18

(Apologies for the wet hair – I’m going to Yoga after work, so I won’t have another chance to get in front of the mirror and take a picture.)

Dress is from BB Dakota – Gwynnie Bee carries it, but I actually bought it from Modcloth before I ever saw that. Modcloth is out of the plus sizes, however. But if you haven’t seen the wonderful things they are doing for plus sized girls lately, clicking on this link will get you $15 off your purchase.  They are carrying a hundreds of plus sized items, up to a 4X (26/28), and their style has broadened quite a bit as well.

I wore it with a pair of relatively old Born platform heels (not the same but these would look amazing as well) and carried my Kate Spade Deborah Dot Little Nadine bag mostly because I ran out of time to change bags, and it still goes 🙂

Photo on 7-28-14 at 1.15 PMFor jewelry I wore a ring from Wantable and a cuff that I got in a swap and has turned in to my single favorite piece of jewelry.  Wantable is a subscription box (well, actually 3 boxes) that you can subscribe to.  For a set price per month you give them sizes and preferences and they send you a selection of items. Right now I subscribe to the Accessories box, which is where the ring came from, and the Intimates box, which is where my undies today came from.  (No, I’m not posting a picture.)

2014-07-28 13.27.12I have no idea where the bracelet came from – it’s a silver plate cuff with a hinged back, and I am going to cry like a baby when the plating finally wears off.  Here’s hoping it lasts for a long time.  (Wonder if I could take it to a jeweler and get it re-plated when that happens…)

Anyway, linking up to Visible Monday and whoever else is still doing link parties these days!

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Feeling a little blue…

Well, not really.  However blue isn’t a color I wear that often, so this outfit is special.


This outfit actually has a lot of new, current season items.

I think these sandals are just too cute.  They would look even cuter if I got a pedicure :-p


As it happened, I had ridden to work that morning but gotten a migraine.  My husband was on his way to come pick me and my bike up, so you get a gratuitous bike picture.


No shots of me in spandex bike shorts, thought.  The universe doesn’t need that saved for posterity….

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Mondrian inspired

What a week… I took pictures, then never got back to post these on Monday.

IMG_2964Ah well, this outfit was put together around this cute Mondrian-inspired tank I picked up a while ago on Ideeli (I think).  The bold color-blocking is a ton of fun, although these brights are not the traditional primary colors Mondrian originally used.  Who cares.  This is a fun tank.

I am kind of peeved about the short-sleeved cardigan, though.  It was washed and shrank, differently on each side.  It is shorter on the left than the right, which is just plain odd.

IMG_2991 The rest of the outfit is pretty straight forward – black jeans (coldwater creek as usual), pink sandals (trotters, from zulilly) and my beloved pink Melie Bianco Roya bag.

This would be the image in which I somehow managed to lose the key to the u-lock that was locking my campus bike to the rack.  I had to call campus police and then the AC shop to get someone to come over and cut it off for me (not to mention swearing on my first born that the piece of junk bike really WAS mine and that I wasn’t stealing it).  Still can’t find the darn key, but it was while pulling out the camera to take this picture that I last saw it….

Anyway, the accessories are more visible in this close up:

Photo on 5-29-13 at 1.43 PM #3 The bangle is from Betsey Johnson (as were the sunglasses), both purchased from Little Black Bag. The necklace is from my one JewelMint purchase.  It’s actually pretty decent quality; my problem was the subscription model, which just irritates me on principle.  I’ll buy when I see something that I like; I don’t want to be forced to buy things every month if I don’t want to.  So I closed my account.

Next week I will try to do better about getting more than one outfit post per week up.  It’s not that I  haven’t been wearing cute things; it’s been more of an issue with taking pictures and then putting the post together.  Baby steps….

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Black and white – for days when you don’t want to think too hard!

Today was a pretty good, although busy, day at work.  I had back to back meetings and a pile of work that I never did quite catch up on.  However due dates appear to be arranging themselves favorably and that is definitely helping me calm down.

When I was getting dressed, however, I knew that I would be in meetings (so I needed to be comfortable) and some of them would be with people from other institutions (so I needed to look pulled together).  My go-to for that kind of day is black and white!


I LOVE this outfit.  It is comfortable but looks sharp, has tons of style and is very current without being inaccessibly trendy.  My husband has complimented it more than once.


I suppose I could have belted the top, but that isn’t a look I feel comfortable with and it was more important to feel good about everything.

  • Black Peplum Tee (Simply Be, $20)
  • Black and White Maxi (Lane Bryant – no longer available)
  • Black and White Polka-Dot Necklace (Vintage, bought on Etsy, $12 and a favorite statement piece this season)
  • Black and White Lindenwood Leopard Bag (Kate Spade, multiple available on ebay)
  • Black Patent Sandals (Dansko Sophia Slide, $70 on clearance at a local specialty shoe store)
  • Black and Silver Bracelet (Vince Camuto, purchased but no longer available on LittleBlackBag)
  • Sunglasses (Betsey Johnson, also purchased but no longer available on LittleBlackBag)

You could probably make the argument that this top is a size too big.  I bought it a size big just to make sure that, if it shrank, it would still fit.  Having washed it, I am ordering more (another black, a hot pink and a purple) and will try to order 22s instead of 24 where available.  (The darn things are $20 and look terrific with a skirt – they may become my go-to better-than-a-plain-tee tops this summer!)

One piece of administrative information:  Part of keeping the blog from becoming more work than it’s worth have been the following changes:

  1. Not bothering with affiliate links.  They aren’t worth the trouble, and no one offers to give me anything much anyway.  Still linking back to the products if I can, though.
  2. Outfit posts on Monday and Wednesdays.  If I have more good outfits in a week and can pull together a post, terrific, but I’m not going to put a lot of pressure on myself to try to post an outfit every day.  This week I’m cheating and doing the whole week in 1 post.
  3. Friday’s I will pull something together in Polyvore.  Only plus sized vendors/clothing, reasonably priced items, though.  There are a lot of gorgeous things on polyvore that only the 1% can afford, and I’m not in that group.
  4. Random shopping posts as I have money to shop.  Or if I find somewhere new that is worth the shout-out.

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