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Thursday Threads: The Static Edition

My outfit today inspired the name “The Static Edition” because I am having the WORST case of static. This is another outfit that looked much better in my head than on my body.

I mentioned yesterday that I had an excellent ASOS shopping day a few weeks ago and this dress was one of the items to come of it.  I had been eyeing skater dresses with a bit of trepidition but bit the bullet and ordered 2 that day. This is the Knitted Dress with Back Zip.

I few things to know about this dress.  First, it’s a very light-weight knit.  VERY light-weight.  In fact, slightly see-through, even in black.  A 22 fit me just fine, in fact a bit loose, so I would say it runs big.  But mostly, this thing built up static like it was trying to power my house.  Literally, I took the pictures and went inside to start tossing my bedroom for a slip.  (By the time I found it I didn’t have time to take another picture.)  Out of 60 pictures this was the best I could do.

I’m not entirely happy with the way this looks.  I swear the dress needs a crinoline or something, and as I mentioned, it runs big so it doesn;t come in much at my waist.

It also needs different shoes.  I love those boots, but that wasn’t the right look.  Ah well, we live and learn.

  • Black Dress (ASOS Curve)
  • Wine Leggings that hardly show (TJ Maxx)
  • Black Boots (Earthies Ramini)
  • Scarf (Marshalls, not quite the right colors)
  • Red Bag (Brahmin, because I didn’t get around to changing it out and don’t actually have the right color wine bag that I want to go with this outfit)
In my head this needs a better colored scarf and bag, a small crinoline so that the skirt puffs out, different shoes, and possibly a belt to bring my waist in if I have the guts.  We’ll see what I find for the first two on after christmas sales.
So what are you wearing today?


My Thursday Threads

Today’s outfit is far from my most inspired, partially because halfway through getting dressed into a REALLY cute outfit (that you will see tomorrow), I remembered that I needed to wear jeans today*.  So I fell back on something easy:

  • Black Coldwater Creek Knit Jeans
  • Black Coldwater Creek drape-front cardigan
  • Patterned Tank from Kohls (no longer available)
  • Black Josef Seibel Shoes
  • Tiffanys Bracelet (old)
  • Necklace (gift) which is hiding in the neckline of my top
  • Filligree ring (Charming Charlies)

I have to wear jeans for a fun reason actually; after work today the local animal shelter I volunteer with (Arizona Animal Welfare League, is doing a “stress reliever” event on campus.  We bring a bunch of puppies out to campus during finals week and let the students play with them.  It’s actually a neat event for everyone.  The puppies get some socialization, the kids get some stress relief, and the organization gets some visibility (and often new volunteers).  However it starts early enough that I needed to be able to just change into my volunteer t-shirt and go, thus the jeans.



Knowing what works for you, and Thursday Threads!

One of the things I did when I started this blog was subscribe to a BOATLOAD of other people’s fashion blogs. I started reading them to get ideas, and in the process discovered that I do, in fact, have something of a personal style.

Still, I like to try new things. So tonight I went to Lane Bryant (mostly to pick up some underwear) and tried a few things on. In the process I confirmed for myself a few things:

  • I don’t like the way I look in a pencil skirt.  I know other girls love them, even a lot of plus-sized girls do.  I’m not one of those.  (And the ankle socks aren’t helping *grin*)
  • Even a really blousy peplum-style top seems to catch me at just the wrong place.  I need to stick with empire waists instead.
  • Drape neck tops are touchy; they can be lovely, or they can look like they are pulling across your chest, despite being loose around.
  • It’s hard to take a decent picture in a dressing room *shrug*
Just because it looks amazing on someone else doesn’t mean it will look good on me.  And there is nothing whatsoever wrong with that.

Linking up to Truth Tuesday!

Anyway, on the the Thursday Threads Blog Hop!


Thursday Threads!

As promised, here is the new Thursday Threads link-up.

Of course it didn’t occur to me until, oh, 9pm, that by the time I get up in the morning, take a picture of my outfit, and post the picture, it will be fairly late.

So I’m posting the link-up NOW, and will come back and add my outfit in the morning….

In the meantime, say hello to my co-host, Daenel from Living Outside the Stacks.  She has a great, funky style and a pair of boots that make me go wow!

Thursday Threads: A New Blog Hop

I realized this morning that there just weren’t any fashion blog hops on thursday that weren’t focused on thrifting, so I decided to start one!  Welcome to:

Interested in co-hosting? Contact me at rebecca [at] grownupplus [dot] com!

The guidelines are simple:

  • Please follow your HOST(S)!  Email, RSS, Pinterest, BlogLovin, or whatever.
  • Link up your blog post about a gorgeous outfit, not your homepage.
  • Leave your blog name in the title.
  • Link back with a button or text in your post 🙂
  • Visit a few other blogs and leave a few comments.