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Today’s Outfit

I’m not entirely wild about today’s outfit.  What seemed to work together when I was getting dressed doesn’t work as well in the pictures.

  • Red Artisan Cardigan (J.Jill)
  • Purple, pink and red floral tank (Lane Bryant)
  • Black straight-cut jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Red sandals (Pikolinos)
  • Silver Flower necklace (gift)
  • Black Purse (Foley and Corinna, purchased on eBay)
  • Black Computer Bifocals (gifted by Reading Glasses Shopper)

The tank has the same red color as the cardigan, but it is mostly covered.  The sandals are a little rustic for the rest of the outfit.

I love the purse though – this one is the same as the tan I carried earlier this week.  I liked the size and shape so much that I searched ebay until I could get one at a decent price in my favorite neutral.  I may buy and sell fun stuff, but this one is definitely a keeper!

Photo on 3-13-13 at 1.53 PM #3

Other people’s clothing

I had to bite my tongue today.  A co-worker showed up wearing a pair of tapered, cropped (but only a little – think high-waters) khakis, khaki socks and big clunk black shoes.  It was bad enough that one of the men in our office said something about it.  I chose to offer to take her shopping instead.  (She and her husband keep a rigid budget and spend all their money on travel – 3 times a year, all over the place.  They love it, but to her, $10 and they fit comfortably is sufficient reason to buy a pair of pants.  It’s hard to explain why that’s not a good enough reason.  She spends maybe $100/year on clothing.  My point was she needs to spend it more carefully, but she doesn’t appear to want to put TIME into it either.)

Reflections on a trend

ANKLE PANTS:  Pants hemmed to (for a non-petite or tall) around 28 inches instead of the usual 30-31.  About an inch longer than cuffed boyfriend jeans (which are usually around 27 inches).


I get it: If you tailor pants to your ankles it doesn’t matter how high your heels are, they are always the right length.  (Or at least that’s the only reason I can think of to do this.  And even then, why not hem them to the very top of your foot and call it good?)

But they still look weird and wrong to me.  I can’t imagine how they won’t make most women’s legs look shorter than they already are.  (My co-worker above was suffering from this problem, and she’s a tall size 10.)  I may eventually soften my attitude toward them as I get used to the look (heck, I did with skinny jeans), but right now I just can’t imagine they would work on me or anyone built like me.

What do you think?  Will you wear ankle pants?


Thursday Threads Link-up


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Thursday Threads! Link up and share the love!

IMG_1873It’s thursday, a relatively quiet day in terms of blog hops, so here is one to bridge the gap.  I went a little lame today with the Take One, Pass it On challenge by passing on my shoes.  I needed a change of palette.

My outfit today makes use of a couple of new items from after-christmas sales.   J.Jill is one of my favorite stores, but I can’t shop there in person because they don’t carry the plus sizes in stores.  (I hate to break it to them but if, like Talbots, they at least carried them in a FEW locations they would be making a LOT more money off of me.)

  • Wearever Bell-sleeve jacket (J.Jill)
  • Wearever Tank (J.Jill)
  • Black Ponte Trousers (Coldwater Creek)
  • Foley + Coronna Jet Set Mini in Tan (6pm)
  • Black and Leopard Roller Rink Mary Janes (Aerosoles)
  • Wood, Gold and Leopard Bangles

The Wearever stuff is really comfortable, easily washable, and non-wrinkling/non-shrinking.  Gotta love that part.

Looking at the picture now, I’m not convinced the purse is the right shade. The color is more mustard than tan, which I like but may not have been the best choice for this outfit.  Still, I love the purse.

It’s a little hard to see but I am wearing my black and leopard pumps; I like the look of the animal print with the rest of the outfit.  The colors are right and I can claim to have mixed patterns 🙂

Photo on 1-31-13 at 12.51 PM

I also realized that there was no way you could get a good look at the bangles and necklace (or even the print on the shirt) from the big picture, so here is a closeup.  I don’t remember where I got the bangles set, but the big one is a leopard print design and I love the wild touch it adds. The necklace is one you’ve seen before that I got off Fab. Linking up to Look What I Got and Almost Friday on Thursday, and Fashion Friday, Favorite Frock Fridays, 235, Aloha Friday and My Friday Fancies on Friday..


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THURSDAY THREADS! So much for the nice weather…

IMG_1684Today it was raining on the way in to work.  It’s supposed to keep that up through the weekend.  It’s giving me a migraine (which is why I look kind of grumpy in the picture), and the drab colors forced me to bring out my best defense against drabness; this scarf!

  • Grey knit jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Purple sweater tank (Coldwater Creek)
  • Purple cardigan (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black MaryJanes (Joseph Seibel)
  • Purple purse (Kate Spade)
  • Scarf (Marshall’s)

I picked up the tank and cardigan on the Coldwater Creek end of season clearance – they often have amazing prices, and these were close to 70% off by the time I got them.  I actually was surprised to realize that I didn’t have this really dark purple already, so these were a great buy.  That, however, is also why there are no links.  The sweaters are both sold out in this color and in most sizes.  That is kind of the point of a clearance sale, after all.

69fbb36b0d9fba02853ffe8f2fcb5c97.image.300x300The purse falls into the same category. I got it on clearance so it is no longer available on the site.  However if you are madly in love with it, drop me an email at rebecca at grownupplus dot com; I’m probably going to list it on ebay because it is turning out to be a little too small for a day to day purse.  I had to leave a bunch of stuff home today so that I could close it, which means I need a bigger purple purse, which means I really should sell this one.  My husband is starting to get a bit cranky at the steady inflow of bags, which means its time for a steady outflow to go with it!

Photo on 1-24-13 at 1.21 PMOnce I got to work I re-tied the scarf kind of like a man’s tie, but I’m not sure yet which I like better.  However this small picture both shows the purse AND a little more of the scarf.

I actually really like this picture because, while it doesn’t do a great job at showing off the scarf, my hand looks very graceful and my nails (Julep Lucy) look really good.  You can’t tell at ALL how badly I slopped polish over the sides of my nails onto my cuticles.  I really suck at doing my own nails, and somehow dark colors make that worse….

Then I decided I wanted a better picture of the scarf, so I took this one:

Photo on 1-24-13 at 1.21 PM #3 This picture does a better job of showing off all the gorgeous orange and hot pink in the scarf.  However that shot took a few tries in order to not look like I wanted to strangle someone with the scarf.  So here’s one silly attempt with way too much of my beaver teeth and gums. I took it in order to try to loosen up a little.

Photo on 1-24-13 at 1.19 PM #3Hey. It’s my blog. I can post goofy pictures of myself if I want to!  This is also proof that I DO have teeth and occasionally smile.  However I also have a GAP between my front teeth and some veneers that are badly in need of replacement, not to mention naturally smiling with way more gum than is even showing in this picture, so for now there will not be any big grins.

On the plus side, my hair looks really good for having walked across campus in a drizzling rain this morning….It was, admittedly, fluffier before (in the full length picture) but it doesn’t appear to have gone too frizzy or oddly wavy.  Some days, that’s all you can ask for!

And now on to Thursday Threads!  (I promise next week I’ll post this earlier!)


Signature Colors and the return of THURSDAY THREADS

IMG_1458Everyone has colors they gravitate toward, and which are the first things that OTHERS think of when they think about that person. My friend Lauren wears shades of brown and cream, sometimes punctuated with green. When I see her in, say, grey, it looks a little odd to me. My friend Debs wears blues, greens and browns. For me, those colors are black, red and purple.

That was why, while reading blogs over the holidays, I practically SQUEEKED when I saw this dress.  Here it was; my signature colors in a nice, graphic pattern!  Now, I have low expectations when reading blogs, because many of the items are either too expensive, no longer available or not available in my size.  However when I looked at the site that Megan referenced, there was this dress, up to a 22 (although they only had up to a 20 in stock), and half price.  I took a chance and ordered the 20.  It showed up last night and I HAD to wear it today.

  • Dress (London Times Fashion)
  • Footless Leggings (Lane Bryant)
  • Heeled black boots (old)
  • Purple bangles (Lane Bryant)
  • Necklace (my artist friend: here is her etsy shop)
  • Red and Black Kate Spade Purse (not pictured today)

London Times Fashion does dresses, but what really got me was that many are available in both straight AND plus sizes.  This is one.  It came with a belt, but hit me at the wrong point (and was kind of plasticy) so I skipped it.

Here is a close-up of the necklace: It’s a vaguely steampunk design that she made and gave me for christmas.

2013-01-10 10.46.34

In other news, today marks the post-holiday return of THURSDAY THREADS, so link up!  I love seeing what everyone is wearing and getting ideas for future outfits!


Favorite Frock Friday

Raisin Bran :-)

IMG_1196I have a meeting today; the “University Management Team Meeting” which means it’s the hundreds of people with titles at or above Director on campus.  That meant two things:  First, that I needed to look passingly decent, and second that I was going to have to hoof it to the far side of campus.  Those two considerations resulted in today’s outfit, which I smirkingly call Raisin Bran.

Both the pants and the cardigan are in a color that Coldwater Creek calls Raisin.  The light wasn’t cooperating, but the color is a deep red/purple/burgundy color that walks the line between that and brown.  I LOVE the color; it’s warm and rich but not overly assertive.  And MASSIVELY on sale if you like the styles.

  • Raisin Cardigan – Coldwater Creek
  • Raisin Ponte Trousers – Coldwater Creek
  • Raisin bracelet – Coldwater Creek (no longer on site)
  • Raisin necklace – Coldwater Creek (no longer on site)
  • Snake-print shell – Calvin Klein bought at Marshall’s
  • Josef Seibel black shoes

I know; the shoes are boring. But they are also comfortable and practical for walking to the other side of campus, which was really the priority here.

Next week I will get Thursday Threads going again.  It fell to the wayside for the holidays, but that is fixable!