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Casual Sunday

There are a number of challenges right now that speak to what one would wear to run errands or just hang out on a sunday.  This is what I chose for running around and doing things like grocery shopping, Costco, and a few other things… IMG_0004 There is nothing at all complicated about this outfit but I love the mix of blacks and brown leather.  In fact, this outfit is technically all neutrals.

  • T-shirt: Avenue
  • Slim-cut Boyfriend Jeans: J.Jill (the colored ones are no longer available)
  • Sandals: Orthaheel
  • Bag: Michael Kors (older)
  • Owl Necklace: Charming Charlies (older)
  • Bracelet: no-name leather wrap bracelet with crystals
  • Sunglasses: no-names so that when I lose them they aren’t a big deal
  • Phone: iPhone 5s in the Nina Garcia case from Otterbox (out because it is now functioning essentially as a remote for my camera)

IMG_0018 IMG_0036 Makeup is minimal:

IMG_0015 It’s only 96 degrees out today, although for AZ it’s quite humid (28%).  If you are wondering why I am still wearing pants in what anywhere else would seem like excessive heat, there are 4 reasons.

  1. They are more practical for running errands in than a skirt – you don’t get them caught in car doors (as with a maxi skirt) or have to worry about them sliding up too far (as with a shorter skirt).
  2. I personally dislike capri’s.  While I am used to seeing them all over the place, I don’t consider them flattering on anyone.  I consider them especially UNflattering on someone short and round like me.
  3. Scarily enough, you do actually get used to the heat enough that it doesn’t get intolerable until a much higher temperature.  For me it has to go over 110 before it’s really uncomfortable, so 96 is downright cool.  Heck, anything under body temperature is cool.
  4. My 2 pairs of shorts are in the wash *shrug*

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Wednesday summer outfit

I realized as I was flipping through this blog that I actually wore almost this exact same outfit a before.  I changed up the shoes and the jewelry and the bag, but the basics are there.  The big difference is that the last time I wore this outfit I needed the cardigan.

2014-07-29 08.44.06


This time I took it off when I left the building to avoid roasting in 114 degree heat.

2014-07-29 08.45.34

None of this stuff is new, so I apologize for the lack of links to the items…

  • Dress: Lands End
  • Cardigan: Marshalls
  • Shoes: Orthaheel
  • Bracelet and Necklace: Got in swaps – no name brands
  • Purse: Kate Spade Outlet

You will be pleased to hear that this is my very LAST outfit post using my phone.  While I don’t have a photographer and there was no sense buying an expensive camera that I wouldn’t know how to use anyway, I did pick up a Canon Powershot ELPH 340, Consumer Reports’ best reviewed subcompact camera.  While this isn’t a pro camera, it does have a few neat features such as the ability to use my phone as a remote control.  That should improve picture quality.  I also discovered that you can get a quite decent 60 inch tripod from Amazon for $19.99, which should also help.  (Previously I was using a 5 inch tripod and finding places to balance the camera – it was a frustrating process.)  Onward and upward.

pleated poppy

Rockin’ the 60s

This dress just seems so Mod to me – I cannot WAIT for the temperatures to drop enough to wear it with a pair of black boots….

2014-07-28 08.43.18

(Apologies for the wet hair – I’m going to Yoga after work, so I won’t have another chance to get in front of the mirror and take a picture.)

Dress is from BB Dakota – Gwynnie Bee carries it, but I actually bought it from Modcloth before I ever saw that. Modcloth is out of the plus sizes, however. But if you haven’t seen the wonderful things they are doing for plus sized girls lately, clicking on this link will get you $15 off your purchase.  They are carrying a hundreds of plus sized items, up to a 4X (26/28), and their style has broadened quite a bit as well.

I wore it with a pair of relatively old Born platform heels (not the same but these would look amazing as well) and carried my Kate Spade Deborah Dot Little Nadine bag mostly because I ran out of time to change bags, and it still goes 🙂

Photo on 7-28-14 at 1.15 PMFor jewelry I wore a ring from Wantable and a cuff that I got in a swap and has turned in to my single favorite piece of jewelry.  Wantable is a subscription box (well, actually 3 boxes) that you can subscribe to.  For a set price per month you give them sizes and preferences and they send you a selection of items. Right now I subscribe to the Accessories box, which is where the ring came from, and the Intimates box, which is where my undies today came from.  (No, I’m not posting a picture.)

2014-07-28 13.27.12I have no idea where the bracelet came from – it’s a silver plate cuff with a hinged back, and I am going to cry like a baby when the plating finally wears off.  Here’s hoping it lasts for a long time.  (Wonder if I could take it to a jeweler and get it re-plated when that happens…)

Anyway, linking up to Visible Monday and whoever else is still doing link parties these days!

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More Polka Dots from Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee has you create a “closet” with lots of items in it and then sends what is available.  As it happened, I received 2 polka dot dresses in a row and decided to wear them back to back and compare.  You saw the previous one, so here is the latest.

QGdzJDxb1SY0xBAL.jpgThis dress is from Elementz and is a much simpler style.  For work (where it is a bit chilly in the office), I wore it with a short red cardigan from Modcloth. (Yes, I’m still working on the iphone photography – I can only improve, right?)  I finished the outfit with the Rieker sandals I wore the last time, although as I am wearing them the leather across the front of the foot is stretching and they are becoming somewhat less comfortable.  I carried my beloved Kate Spade Deborah Dot Little Nadine bag (which is out of stock everywhere) and wore a one-of-a-kind necklace made by my artist friend.

This outfit is actually a little challenging for me – the sweater stops right at the little pooge of my stomach, making me VERY aware of it.  And my chest is big enough that I’m always trying to make sure the buttons on the cardi aren’t pulling. But I still think the outfit looks terrific.

(Tangent:  I got fitted for an underwire bra, something that I have avoided for years and am SLOWLY working on wearing for more than an hour at a time.  I am wearing it here.  It’s a Prima Donna Deuville in a size 40H, which my husband says stands for 40 Holy COW!’s)

36zi4NoxaPp5N9m7.jpgHere’s a shot of the dress without the cardi.  I decided to BUY this dress for three reasons: First, I like the lack of a set in waist band. While this one would also be well served with some shapewear, I feel better even though it’s not there.  Second, I like the larger, more symmetrical polka dots on this dress.  Third, I think the length is better – a little younger, more universally flattering and likely to remain in style.

(I apologize for the messy desk in the background – we have 1 full length mirror in our house, and it’s in my office on the closet door.  At least the dogs aren’t milling around – it took a while to get a shot that didn’t have at least 1 random pet in it.)

For comparison, here are the two dresses side by side:

QGdzJDxb1SY0xBAL.jpg 2014-07-22 18.14.24

Did I make the right decision on which one to keep?



Polka Dots and Gwynnie Bee

2014-07-22 18.14.24Way back when, I tried Gwynnie Bee for a while.  And then cancelled it.  It wasn’t working for me then, mostly because I wasn’t wearing dresses all that much and their non-dress inventory wasn’t from the better brands.

The dress thing has changed, and I gotta tell you; if you wear dresses and live in the U.S.,  you cannot find a better way to spend your money than Gwynnie Bee.  If you haven’t heard of it, here’s the deal:  You pay a monthly fee and basically borrow garments for as few or as many days as you like.  The fee defines how many you can have out at the time.  When you are done with something, you send it back; they wash/dry clean it and make it available for the next person.  If you love it, you have the option to buy it at a reduced price (since technically it’s used).

Gwynnie Bee has been helping me on my style search.  I’ve been able to try shapes, brands, and fabrics that I never would have otherwise (particularly as long as so many plus size vendors are online only).

This dress is a Jessica Howard – The waist is ruched and it is sleeveless, something I tend to avoid.  The reviews on the site pointed out that the high neck and longer skirt make it a touch matronly, and I suppose they are right about that, but that also makes it very appropriate for a work dress.  At the office, I threw a red sweater over the top to keep my arms warm and felt very pulled together all day long.

2014-07-22 18.16.13That having been said, looking at pictures I’m not sure I will wear it again or keep it; the print (which is actually polka dots) feels too busy to me.  Moreover the ruched waist makes shapewear a requirement, and it is FAR too hot for that in Arizona in August.  And thus the wonder of Gwynnie Bee – I send it back and they will send me something else!

You will see a lot more Gwynnie Bee dresses over the next couple of months.  I’ve become quite fond of dresses and have found some things that do and don’t work for me.

Things that don’t work for my shape:

  • Shift dresses – I’m a pear, and every shift dress I’ve tried on so far is too tight in the hips and loose in the chest – bad on both accounts.
  • Set-in waist bands or belted waists – This is less about the pear shape and more about that noticeable roll right between my boobs and my waist.  If I don’t wear heavy duty shapewear with these types of dresses, the line isn’t right. That is part of the problem with this dress.
  • Narrow straps or halters – One of the things with being a pear is that my hips are wider than my shoulders.  These types of necklines make that appear even more unbalanced.
  • Strapless – I’m a 42G – the amount of engineering required to make a strapless bra that will support me cannot comfortably be made into a strapless bra. Key here being COMFORTABLY – I know they make long-lines and such that can do it, but I don’t want to wear them.

So what does work?

  • Fit and flare – room for my hips, emphasize my smaller parts. These don’t all have things like contrasting or set-in waists, so finding the ones that don’t is my current mission.
  • Empire waists – my smallest measurement is my bra band, so raising the waist does good things on me.

I’m sure I’ll find more with time.  Stay Tuned…

(I’ll work on getting better at cell-phone selfies.  And getting a new camera…)

*Note about Jewelmint:  When you purchase a piece from them, you agree to essentially a monthly subscription – you either need to cancel or buy something each month, otherwise they charge your account and give you a credit.  This was quite a surprise the 1st time it happened, and not a happy one.  However they often have nice pieces at a decent price, so I’ve gotten good at remembering to skip.