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A Walking Kate Spade Billboard

IMG_1442I feel a bit like a walking Kate Spade billboard today.  First there is my beloved bag, which has garnered me, on average, 1-3 compliments PER DAY since I got it.  On top of that, it’s the perfect size and shape for my day to day life.  Then there are the necklace and bracelet; both christmas presents.

  • Black Ponte Trousers (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black Emmylou Tunic (SWAK)
  • Red Carole Little Jacket (Marshall’s)
  • Deborah Dot Little Nadine purse (Kate Spade)
  • Levitt Squares Necklace (Kate Spade)
  • Pardon My French Bracelet (Kate Spade)
  • Black Ankle Boots (Ecco, old)

The bracelet makes me smile.  It doesn’t appear to be available any longer, so I’m glad I got it when I did.  Technically it’s orange, not red, but close enough!



The necklace is also fun, but more importantly it’s really my signature colors; red and purple.  For a VERY long time I’ve had red and purple against a black background as my signature colors, so this necklace was a must-have once I found it.  It’s also older and harder to find these days, but I’m glad husband managed it for christmas!  Of course looking at the picture this close to the bracelet, it’s starting to look more ORANGE and purple, but that’s OK.  It’s still a LOT of fun!

Next week I am traveling for work, so I am starting to think about which items I want to take with me.  My guess is that these two pieces of jewelry will be coming along.  I’m not sure about the bag; I need to take a rollaboard suitcase, so usually you can only take one other bag on board.  That has to be beg enough to hold my macbook air as well as my normal purse stuff. And since I’m there on business I will be taking the air everywhere.  I have a very nice (and LARGE) orange tote, so I might go with black, orange and purple for the trip.  That will all get sorted out this weekend.

pleated poppy


Wow Wow Wednesday with This Girls Life

The Statement Necklace

I didn’t post an outfit of the day today because most of it was reruns – Black ponte pants from coldwater creek, a Black tank from Talbots, and this red cardigan that I got at Marshalls.

What I did to make it all come together, however, was to go for a statement necklace: Something big, bold, and with tons of personality.  The specific one I wore was mixed metals, spikes, and appealed to my latent heavy metal / goth tendencies.    Similar to this one, but with mixed metals (gold, copper, silver, gunmetal grey).

However that’s me.  The statement necklace can be anything as long as it’s big and in your face.  It needs to be set against a relatively simple backdrop (in my case black framed with a red cardi) and allowed to be the focal point of your outfit.  Here are a few others from Etsy that caught my eye:

I am particularly fond of the middle one; with a pair of olive cargo pants, black tee and boots this would be just the right level of girly to contrast with an almost military look.  Or with a cream top and skirt in one of the colors of the flowers for something a bit more feminine.

Regardless, the idea is that the necklace should be the standout, with the remainder of the outfit serving as a backdrop for one big, in your face piece.  I love this idea and will be playing with it all fall.  (Time to go shopping! 🙂