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Working when the husband is off….meh.

President’s Day.  Some people (like me) are at work while SOME people (like my husband) have the day off.  I hate holidays like this; I could so use a day off this week to get some consulting stuff done.  Ah well…

This weeks inspiration monday was a no-brainer.  It also fit my mood this morning of grumpiness at Husband still being in bed.  However when I went into the closet, my BLACK heavy leggings weren’t there.  I’m guessing they are in the wash, but who knows.  Anyway, so here’s my interpretation of Charlize’s easy-going outfit.

  • IMG_2141Black tunic (Eileen Fisher, old)
  • Burgundy Leggings (Lane Bryant, they called them Jeggings this past fall)
  • Black Boots (Avenue)
  • Scarf (Calvin Klein, purchased at Marshall’s)
  • Pardon my French Bracelet (Kate Spade, purchased off ebay)
  • Black, grey and burgundy bag (Pietro Alessandro, purchased from one of the flash sale sites because I fell for the colors)

I added the scarf because the outfit felt somewhat blah without it, plus it gave me an excuse to wear my swearing bracelet 🙂

I waffle on this tunic; it’s hard to complain about a big, loose black tunic, but this one is made of some form of polyester and tends to get staticky as the day goes on.  The scarf isn’t helping right now.  Still, I hang on to it because it’s nice to have something like this in the closet for really bloated days.  It would be terrific maternity wear (except I’m too old for that).

Here’s a closeup of the beloved bracelet and a better look at the scarf:

Photo on 2-18-13 at 9.41 AM #2

I admit that I have a soft spot for vaguely subversive things like this bracelet; it looks beautiful and sharp, and basically is swearing.  I have a ring somewhere that says “Bite Me” in latin.  I prefer a little subtly in my expressions of attitude.  Plausible deniability and all….

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A cold and windy Inspiration Monday

I admit it; I love these kinds of things because they push me outside of my comfort zone.  This outfit includes a couple of things I would NEVER normally do: rolled up jeans to ankle length, skinny jeans and flats.  Still, it isn’t bad.

The inspiration was this picture (left) of Jessica Alba ne Timberlake.  I don’t have a shirt taht color, so I went with white.  I probably SHOULD have put my hair in a ponytail, since it kept blowing in my face as I tried to take pictures.

  • Jacket – Lane Bryant
  • Tee – J.Jill
  • Jeans – Avenue
  • Bag – Steve Madden via Marshall’s
  • Shoes – Ecco via Marshall’s

Of course, then I realized that I needed different shoes, and that I was cold in that jacket.  I’m going christmas shopping after work, so I needed shoes with some support and a sweater.  I changed into a pair of brown high boots and a navy sweater that is soft and cozy.  Both are OLD; I’ve had those boots for more than 12 years and I can’t remember anything about the origins of the sweater other than it is so soft that I bought it even though it’s not one of my normal go-to colors. I threw on my blue owl necklace, even though no one but me ever seems to notice the owls. I have to admit though, this picture makes me smile.  I was smirking about trying to get my hair out of my face, and the camera caught my hair mid-flip.

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Inspiration Monday…on Tuesday

Because of that interview yesterday, I had to dress a bit more conservative, but I still loved the inspiration picture for this week.  So you get it on Tuesday.

The one thing I DIDN’T have was a printed t-shirt; I’m a little cranky because I had a really cute one with cat-eye glasses, but the first time it was washed it shrunk and became really short.  That wasn’t going to work.  So I substituted the necklace.

This outfit is actually VERY rocker; spike necklace, boots with zippers and straps, animal print over black.  I feel edgy 🙂

  • Animal Print Cardigan: Alloy
  • Black T-shirt: Coldwater Creek (old)
  • Black “Jeggings”: Lane Bryant
  • Black Boots: Avenue
  • Spike Necklace: local boutique, similar
  • Graphite Bracelet: Kohls
  • Spike Ring: Sam Moon
I ended up going fairly plain for a bag, with my Coach Willis in Black.  I considered a clutch, but the one I have is hot pink and somehow didn’t seem quite right.  I don’t have a yellow bag like Kate’s, so that was out.


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Inspiration Monday for Thanksgiving Week

It’s hard NOT to love a short week at work.  Not only is it, well, a short week, but it ALSO means no one cares what I wear to the office.  Thus my ability to participate in this weeks Inspiration Monday.  This weeks Inspiration was this picture:

Now, I admit that I don’t have a lot in the way of that kind of neutral; they just aren’t great colors on me.  And I realized when I went looking that, uhm, I didn’t have a SINGLE stripped shirt.  (I ordered one on clearance about a week ago from J.Jill but it isn’t here yet.)  So my interpretation is a bit loose.  However it’s VERY me; my colors, my style, and totally comfortable.

The boots were a fun find yesterday at Avenue; marked down and then 40% off that, so they came out to $36.  Plus the styling on them is fun and a little butch.  Instead of trying to hide the inside zipper, they matched it with an OUTSIDE zipper and some neat straps.  Fun!  They aren’t even a little leather, but since I only can wear boots for about 3 months out of the year this was about all I felt comfortable spending on a new pair this season.

I bought myself an early christmas present today, though.  As you may have noticed, I love bags, but I’m a bit of a cheapskate.  I’m not about to pay multiple hundreds of dollars, let alone THOUSANDS of dollars, for something that is going to get tossed around, sit on the floor, and otherwise beaten up.  However I’ve had two things I’ve been thinking I wanted to get lately:

  • A purse that was predominantly black and white; check, houndstooth, zebra, something…
  • A green purse
So I was unbelievably excited today to find this purse, on sale at Kate Spade for 60% off it’s original price.  Combined with a 15% off coupon for joining the mailing list, this clocked in at $108 including tax for a $295 bag.  I am VERY happy with that deal.  It should be here next week!


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