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Sexy Sensible Shoes

One of my pet peeves is the idea that sensible shoes have to be ugly.  I personally hate wearing shoes that make my feet hurt, but that doesn’t mean I wear Birkenstocks all the time.  So when an Ebates offer showed up in my inbox today offering an extra $20 rebate if I spent more than $100 at FootSmart, I was all over it.

First things first:  If you don’t have one already, get an Ebates account.  Even without the deal, connecting to a site by way of Ebates will earn you a few percentage points back as a rebate, and they often have great deals for additional cash back or discounts that aren’t otherwise advertised.  Once you have an account, you can log in and connect to the FootSmart site through there.  Doing so will make you eligible for the base 6% back, free shipping if you spend more than $59, and an extra $20 if you spend more than $100.

FootSmart is a terrific site that focuses on foot-friendly brands and styles.  Some are every bit is ugly as you might remember, but you would be surprised how sexy some of them are.  For me, it is important that shoes be walkable, have decent arch support and good cushioning, and make a statement (something other than “what was she thinking?”)!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Aerosoles RED COMBO Women’s Brasserie Sling Sandals
*, shown here in Red Patent: These are moderate in the heel, not so chunky that they will be out of fashion soon, and snappy in Red.  They have enough arch support that walking to lunch isn’t such a big deal.  Also available in Black and Taupe at $49.99

Earthies SAND Women’s Carmona Sandals – Size 9 M/B
*, shown here in Tan: Earthies have fabulous support and are very well-made.  I love the cutwork leather on these.  Available in Black and Red as well as Tan.  $119.99

Aetrex Women’s Ashley Strappy Dress Sandals
*, available in Black or Nude, could well allow you to dance the night away and still be able to walk the next morning.  They have a solid enough heel to make you feel stable as you tango, but are strappy and pretty enough to go with your best dress.  Expensive, at $129.95, but a great choice for a night out.

Soft Style by Hush Puppies GRAPE LEAF Women’s Pleats As Punch Slingback Shoes
, available in a closed toes, have great arch support and cushioning.  You could wear them all day to work, then go out dancing all night.  And they come in a variety of colors: Navy, Black, Bone, Coral, and Grape Leaf which is the dark olive green shown to the left.  In addition, they are available in Narrow, Medium, Wide and Double Wide, making it possible for anyone to get a great fit.  Best of all, they are 20% off at only $34.97.

Personally, I am ordering these:

Naturalizer JUNGLE ORCHID Women's Glee Strappy Sandals - Size 8 W/C
LifeStride BLACK Women's Nile Slides Shoes - Size 8 W/C
LifeStride Women's Taco Thong Sandals Except in a TEAL color
Dr. Scholl's BLUE PRINT Women's Jessie Thong Sandals Shoes - Size 9 M/B

These are not all sexy, and a couple pairs are just on a lark.  (I’m not sure what I have to go with the teal, and the patterned Dr. Scholls are just kind of fun looking.)  However at $134 for 4 pairs of shoes, it’s definitely worth a try.

There are dozens of other pairs I would love to show you, but your tastes and mine may differ.  Take a few minutes, look around, and see what you find.  You may bring home a stack of new shoes at a great price.

* I know, I know.  Sandals.  Not EVERYONE lives in Arizona.  (It would be too crowded, and THEN think about just how hot it would be.)  But in the middle of a heat wave, I just cannot bring myself to look at boots yet.

End-of-summer Sales

I love end-of-summer sales.  In Arizona, they are a no-brainer.  It’s supposed to be 115 today, and was 95 when I left the house this morning.  I can buy clothing cheaply now and wear it for another 4 months.  Sales like this are always worth a look.

The one that caught my attention this morning is Avenue.  All CLEARANCE clothing is on sale for an additional 30% off today.  Here are some of the items I’m picking up:

This will look terrific with white jeans.  The cold-shoulder style is very trendy right now, so it isn’t something I want to spend a LOT on.  But frankly, it is cooler and is a nice way to show a little shoulder while still being able to wear a normal bra.

I have to admit that this blue is one of my favorite things this summer.  I have very little of it, but it’s a great, happy color that I am actively buying right now.

What’s great about this pullover is that it provides coverage for work without a lot of warmth.  I can easily see myself wearing this with a black tank and a maxi skirt.

There are several other items I love but which are not available in my size.  If you can wear these, I would snap them up!

I love colorblock, but this is only available now in 30/32

Another great, sharp top but only available in 26/28 and 30/32

Perfect for a fall wedding, but only available in a 16