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Mondrian inspired

What a week… I took pictures, then never got back to post these on Monday.

IMG_2964Ah well, this outfit was put together around this cute Mondrian-inspired tank I picked up a while ago on Ideeli (I think).  The bold color-blocking is a ton of fun, although these brights are not the traditional primary colors Mondrian originally used.  Who cares.  This is a fun tank.

I am kind of peeved about the short-sleeved cardigan, though.  It was washed and shrank, differently on each side.  It is shorter on the left than the right, which is just plain odd.

IMG_2991 The rest of the outfit is pretty straight forward – black jeans (coldwater creek as usual), pink sandals (trotters, from zulilly) and my beloved pink Melie Bianco Roya bag.

This would be the image in which I somehow managed to lose the key to the u-lock that was locking my campus bike to the rack.  I had to call campus police and then the AC shop to get someone to come over and cut it off for me (not to mention swearing on my first born that the piece of junk bike really WAS mine and that I wasn’t stealing it).  Still can’t find the darn key, but it was while pulling out the camera to take this picture that I last saw it….

Anyway, the accessories are more visible in this close up:

Photo on 5-29-13 at 1.43 PM #3 The bangle is from Betsey Johnson (as were the sunglasses), both purchased from Little Black Bag. The necklace is from my one JewelMint purchase.  It’s actually pretty decent quality; my problem was the subscription model, which just irritates me on principle.  I’ll buy when I see something that I like; I don’t want to be forced to buy things every month if I don’t want to.  So I closed my account.

Next week I will try to do better about getting more than one outfit post per week up.  It’s not that I  haven’t been wearing cute things; it’s been more of an issue with taking pictures and then putting the post together.  Baby steps….

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Not dead yet…

So.  I know.  Bad blogger, no biscuit.

The last month and a half has been chaotic.  It started with one crazy week (think 3 MAJOR deadlines on the same day and jury duty in the middle of the week that I not only couldn’t get out of but got CHOSEN for), but then kept going.  So here, in brief, is the summary of the 2nd half of april and most of may.

  • Seriously, who lets the PhD statistician end up on their jury when their entire case is based on margins of error.  I would have thought for sure a competent defense attorney would have wanted me out of there.  Unfortunately for the defendant  that was NOT a competent defense attorney.
  • On the plus side, I am getting promoted.  On the not-so-plus side, my predecessor in this job is coming back; reporting to me, which is good, but bringing along all his 10 years worth of contacts and institutional knowledge.  The trick will be to not allow him to cut me out of things.  I do at least know that my boss adores me and thinks I am competent.  Not to mention that she is having him report to me, which shows that I bring something more than he has to the role.
  • Zoe’s autoimmune disorder kicked into high gear again and caused 251351_10100498100569361_454891_nsome major medical problems.  And bills.  And she blew out her knee (partially torn anterior cruciate ligament) which couldn’t be operated on right away because of the autoimmune problems.  Luckily we got that under control and she had her surgery this past Thursday.  She’s recovering.  It’s a lot of work to keep a 96lb dog from moving around.  A two-person job in fact.
  • Work was kind of insane.  That happens, of course, but it’s all the other deadlines that tend to pay the price.
  • IMG_1851I had a conference in Long Beach, CA last week.  I had 2 presentations.  One was expected to be small.  Truthfully I thought BOTH would be small, but the universe needed to shake me up.  I hadn’t written the presentation yet when I got to Long Beach.  So it was a bit of a surprise when the conference app showed me that, as of 3 days before the presentation, 186 people had signed up.  By the day of, that number was over 225.  The room was packed – standing room only. I’m told I did well, but as you might expect it was just a but overwhelming.  I wore this outfit with a different (bigger) bag (Foley and Corinna Jet Set Tote in Red and Cream, which is big enough for my macbook air and makes an amazingly good travel bag).  I also got a haircut before I went, so it looked better than this picture.
  • I came back to a full day training session.  Not a bad thing, but another day out of the office when I couldn’t get things done.  It involved a couple of new types of personality tests, both of which basically told me what I already knew about myself.  Ah well – it’s a leadership program, so one can always learn more.

Anyway, life has been insane, and since this blog is a hobby rather than a job for me, it was the thing that fell to the bottom of my to do list when time got tight.  Here’s to getting back on track.

Bad Blogger. No Biscuits.

This past week has been a little chaotic.  Not bad.  Just a bit crazy.

First, it’s been really busy at work.  Second, I’ve started trying to ride my bike to work a couple of days per week, and since I hate riding after dark if I can avoid it that has meant being VERY focused at work.  Thus the two outfits I have for this post are pictures taken on my walk to the bike shop when I suddenly realized that I hadn’t taken pictures of my outfits yet.  Definitely not my best pictures.

IMG_2711The first was an opportunity to show off a cool new purse I got.

This purse is too much fun – black stripes, pink almost everywhere, spikes, and a tassel as the icing on the cake.  How can you not love it!

These pants fit so well.  Comfortable and soft.  I actually have them in 3 other colors.  If I could buy them in a full rainbow, I would.

IMG_2745This outfit was one I saw immediately when I found the top at Marshalls.  My husband tells me it’s not, but to me this is about as preppy as I get.

  • Navy Cardigan (Marshalls)
  • Striped Top (Cynthia Rowley, purchased at Marshalls)
  • White pants (Coldwater Creek)
  • Pink necklace (old)
  • White sandals (also old and being replaced due to a complete lack of arch support)
  • Pink Purse (Vieta, purchased on Little Black Bag)

I had been looking for a navy cardigan for some time, one that was light and airy.  When I saw this I knew I had to grab it.  But the top was my real prize; great spring colors, great colors for me, and a nice loose cut.  I think I’ll go for my boot-cut pants next time.

I keep hoping that with the bicycling to work 8.5 miles in each direction, 2-3 times per week, I will lose some weight.  So far, I’ve gained.  I don’t quite know how that happened, so I’m just ignoring the scale for a while.  It hates me.

Anyway, I will try to get back into taking pictures this week.  I have some cute new ideas and outfits to show you.

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Stripes and Polka Dots – LOVE it

IMG_2206I’ve seen several other blog posts lately showing stripes and polka dots together, often with a big pop of color.  Each time I thought “I love that; I need to try it.”  But it wasn’t until this weekend that the last piece of the outfit puzzle fell into place.  To make it work well you need the stripes and polka dots in the same palate (in this case black and white), so it wasn’t until I found the right scarf that I could put this outfit together.

If you ever decide to follow me off to Coldwater Creek for pants, take note: they run big.  I buy 20s most of the time, whereas other brands I need a 22 or 24.  The great thing about 20s is that you can go into the store and try them on there.  Then, if you do need a larger size, you can order it online.  However my experience has been that the 22s are too loose.

I admit that there is something of a matchy-matchy thing going on with the bag, which isn’t optimal.  I need to find a good simple, plain black bag.  I have a whole cabinet full of bags and not one is a relatively simple black bag.   But I have my eye on one on LittleBlackBag.

LittleBlackBag is a really interesting site; you purchase 1 discounted item (usually a purse or jewelry) for either 29.99 or 49.99; they add around 3 additional items (although you can’t see what they are until after you purchase).  Lately they’ve had some good brands (Melie Bianco, Betsy Johnson, Kenneth Cole).  Once you’ve checked out, you can then TRADE with other people on the site.  So if you see something you want but didn’t get (or don’t like one of the freebies that was put in your bag) you can trade with others to try to get something you like better.  You don’t have to, of course, but you can often easily change colors or trade up so that you end up with a higher value bag than you started with.

This bag came from my first purchase at LittleBlackBag, and I didn’t trade it at all.  I had seen it in teal and though it looked great, but (as we discussed before) teal isn’t really one of my core colors.  So when I saw it in hot pink, which IS one of my colors, I jumped on it.  In the end the “retail” value of my bag was over $200 (although no one anywhere pays full retail prices for most of these items).  Throughout the month they periodically add new items for you to choose from and potentially trade.  The end result is a good deal on an attractive bag that came with some bonus jewelry.

Photo on 2-19-13 at 10.17 AM #2

I don’t generally shop at Lane Bryant often but was lured in by a skirt you will be seeing soon and a dress that I wanted to try on (but which, sadly, wasn’t flattering).  However that particular trip was justified all on it’s own with this scarf.  It’s black with white polka dots in a variety of sizes.  It’s very light weight, soft, and easy to wear. I never would have looked at Lane Bryant for such a thing but could not be happier with it.  Note that it is no longer available in black and white on the web site, so you’ll have to hit your local store.

This outfit makes me so happy.  I feel stylish and put together without being a fashion victim and staying true to MY core styles.  This is one of my favorite outfits since I started this blog, which is really saying something!

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Sequins to brighten up a chilly Wednesday

IMG_1820Getting up and getting going this morning wasn’t that easy;  it was below freezing, there was frost on the cars and the bushes (some of which are looking pretty dead) and my bed was nice and warm.  So when I did get going, I decided I wanted something bright and sparkly to warm things up.

I originally bought the tank set (and yes, it was sold as a set) for a funeral; the black under-tank has the copper sequins around the bottom and I just didn’t wear that layer for the funeral, but I loved the colors and the feel of the fabrics so I had to have the set.  (I wore the tank with a black cardigan and black trousers.  I admit I’m kind of old school when it comes to funerals; That tank was a LOT of color for me under the circumstances.)

Since then I’ve been looking for excuses to wear the set; the colors are lovely, the design is very me, and copper is actually a metal that I adore.

  • Black trousers (Coldwater Creek, after christmas sale for 70% off total)
  • Tank set (Calvin Klein, purchased at Macy’s at least 2 years ago)
  • Rust cardigan (Coldwater Creek, last year’s end of season sales)
  • Black flats (Joseph Seibel)
  • Copper Cuff (the little boutique across the street)
  • Necklace (Coldwater Creek, old)

The cardigan is new, although I’ve had it in the closet for a while and forgotten about it.  I need to go through and re-fold all my cardigans (you should never hang a sweater) so that I can see more clearly what I have.

Photo on 1-30-13 at 9.58 AM #3

I failed to change out my purse this morning, so I am still carrying the Brahmin.  However this picture lets you see the necklace and the color of the cardigan more clearly.

While I’m still not wearing makeup (ok, a little concealer), I have been enjoying playing with lip colors lately.  I now have three of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments: Plum, Passion and Rose.  This is the Passion, which is the closest they have to a true red, and my favorite new color.  It’s strong without being overpoweringly red.

Yesterday’s shopping trip was a complete failure, which is pretty rare for me and that Marshall’s.  I usually find great stuff there, and I would be fibbing if I said I didn’t find some good stuff; just nothing quite right.  For instance they had some Kate Spade bags for $199, but the only one I would have wanted was in colors that just weren’t what I wanted.

m98U4yJgym49Gt8Ki1EvPdwI also found a gorgeous Cynthia Rowley hinge-top satchel that was just the right size and shape, but the COMPLETELY wrong color for me; a pastel teal that just doesn’t work with my wardrobe.  I had to work to walk away from that one, since I kept trying to convince myself that I could wear it with other stuff if I just had a scarf that pulled it together, but I couldn’t summon up a mental picture of the overall outfit; I’m just not a pastel kind of girl.

Clothing-wise was similar.  They had some NYDJ (Not Your Daughters Jeans) in my size, but the rise on them was extremely high and would have been uncomfortable to wear for any time.

I am currently consoling myself with the knowledge that I have two gorgeous bags coming from flash sale sites at excellent prices.  I also have been picking up a few pieces of clothing that I can’t QUITE wear yet (it’s too cold still) but which will be terrific once the weather warms up.  I wasn’t looking for anything specific, so it’s not a big deal that I didn’t find anything!

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