Grown-up Plus is a fashion blog written by Rebecca and Sandra.  Many of the plus-sized blogs out there are written by much younger women, so our goal is to write and show styles that work for adult women (30+) and to suggest how to integrate trends into a mature wardrobe that doesn’t sacrifice the fun.

Rebecca (46) is a mid-level administrator at a public university with far too many advanced degrees and a geeky sense of humor.  She loves to shop almost more than anything else and is working on this whole “accessorizing” thing.  She kind of wishes she had hit the jackpot in the skinny genes department rather than the youthful ones, but since people tell her she can pass for 30 she’ll take what she can get.

Sandra (49) is a program manager for a software company who travels more than she likes and works at home in between.  She and Rebecca have known each other for more than twenty years, and she was the first person to tell Rebecca (then known as Becki) that she couldn’t accessorize for sh*t.  Sandra has always been far superior at accessorizing.

When they get together (Rebecca is in Arizona, Sandra lives in Texas) they go shopping.  (Seriously.  We went to Sedona for a week and shopped every single day.  However we came back with some AMAZING jewelry.)

One apology in advance: We are both still working on better photography.  Rebecca’s husband thinks that taking a good picture means that it is in focus, and may be the worst photographer ever.  Sandra has tried to get her sister to take pictures, but has only had slightly more luck.  We’re working on improving the pictures and getting full length shots.

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