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Casual Sunday

There are a number of challenges right now that speak to what one would wear to run errands or just hang out on a sunday.  This is what I chose for running around and doing things like grocery shopping, Costco, and a few other things… IMG_0004 There is nothing at all complicated about this outfit but I love the mix of blacks and brown leather.  In fact, this outfit is technically all neutrals.

  • T-shirt: Avenue
  • Slim-cut Boyfriend Jeans: J.Jill (the colored ones are no longer available)
  • Sandals: Orthaheel
  • Bag: Michael Kors (older)
  • Owl Necklace: Charming Charlies (older)
  • Bracelet: no-name leather wrap bracelet with crystals
  • Sunglasses: no-names so that when I lose them they aren’t a big deal
  • Phone: iPhone 5s in the Nina Garcia case from Otterbox (out because it is now functioning essentially as a remote for my camera)

IMG_0018 IMG_0036 Makeup is minimal:

IMG_0015 It’s only 96 degrees out today, although for AZ it’s quite humid (28%).  If you are wondering why I am still wearing pants in what anywhere else would seem like excessive heat, there are 4 reasons.

  1. They are more practical for running errands in than a skirt – you don’t get them caught in car doors (as with a maxi skirt) or have to worry about them sliding up too far (as with a shorter skirt).
  2. I personally dislike capri’s.  While I am used to seeing them all over the place, I don’t consider them flattering on anyone.  I consider them especially UNflattering on someone short and round like me.
  3. Scarily enough, you do actually get used to the heat enough that it doesn’t get intolerable until a much higher temperature.  For me it has to go over 110 before it’s really uncomfortable, so 96 is downright cool.  Heck, anything under body temperature is cool.
  4. My 2 pairs of shorts are in the wash *shrug*

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