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An outfit post!


Simon is healing (slowly) and I thought it was time for a new outfit post.  There are a number of new things in this picture, although not one of them is the clothing.

Only the Cardigan came into my closet within the last couple of months.  The remainder I’ve had for some time!

The other new things are two-fold:  New haircut, including bangs (which may or may not be something I keep – I’m open to opinions) and new (temporary) teeth.

I’ve had veneers on my front 2 teeth for a long time, primarily due to breaking a tooth rollerskating at age 12.  However they were cheap, old, ill-fitting and kind of crappy.  I’m getting them replaced.  For the first time in my entire life really, I can smile without worrying about whether the bad veneers show, the gap between my front teeth is obvious or the smile shows an awful lot of my gums.  The veneers fix those problems.  The current set is temporary while the permanent ones are being made and within a couple of weeks, I will never have to worry about my smile again!


Which means I will probably smile more.  In the meantime, this is a terrific outfit for a day at work – comfortable, relatively cool, and pulled together enough for meetings.

pleated poppyOUTFIT AUGUST

Craving this fall

Since I am currently spending all of my discretionary income on my dog’s knees, I have to limit the shipping I do this fall.  I’ve therefore been doing a LOT of air shopping.  And the great thing about shopping when you have no money is that it frees you up to look at things you can’t actually afford.  Leave it to me to fall head over heels in love with some of them.

_9066308For starters, I am head over heels in love with this Sejour jacket!  It’s gorgeous.  Of course, for $368 it darn well should be.  It’s a lightweight leather jacket that would be perfect for winter in AZ while, at the same time, it has that terrific waterfall front that I love so much in cardigans.  I have nothing even slightly like it.


Manon Baptiste Color Block Mini-dress.  The colors are amazing and the shape is gently flaring off the hips, something that looks much better on me than a body conscious or overly clingy shape.  $294.90 at Navabi.

There are actually quite a few Manon Baptiste dresses that I’m lusting after, most not as bright. The shapes and details are gorgeous.  At $271.90 this maxi-dress isn’t getting into my closet anytime soon but I adore the color and the detailing of the slit at the thigh…



Moving on…  I haunt ebay and after-christmas sales, looking for good deals on Eileen Fisher.  I went to the site and found this outfit and fell head over heels in LOVE with every single piece.


And I could have it.  For a mere $894.  ($418 for the cardigan/jacket, $278 for the tank and a mere $198 for the pants.  The shoes would be another $300.)

In their defense, the pants are reusable for this stunning outfit that makes me want to try to save up the money for the $518 cardigan:


I adore the detailing, the deep blue color and the fact that it is cashmere.

More in my price range, however, is this $78 silk scarf…


I love the deep, rich, dual colors, and am sure I can find a charcoal top somewhere…

Shoes and Handbags will each have their own separate posts, btw…

So what do you think?  Any crazy-expensive items you are lusting after this year (or at the very least hoping will go on deep discount)?


Anti-depressant’s: One of the best gifts I ever gave myself

I am on anti-depressants and have been for more than 13 years.  Best thing I ever did for myself.  Yet our society makes depression almost as bad as being fat in terms of things I’m supposed to be ashamed of.  Moreover, I’ve been told that being on antidepressants to control and treat my depression is something I should be ashamed of.  Fuck that.


We forget that depression has many causes, some of which are hereditary, biological, and completely out of the person’s control.  Like weight, depression is not a moral failing.  However it IS something that, for many people, is completely controllable, and choosing to control it with medications should not be considered some kind of failure.

downloadDepression to me always felt like a bottomless pit that would drop out of my life, often suddenly, in the middle of an otherwise normal time.  There wasn’t a trigger; it wasn’t a reaction to something.  In fact I realized I needed help when I went into a deep bout of depression at a time when everything in my life was going well.  I had a great job, wonderful friends, a beautiful house, a rocking car, yet I couldn’t drag myself out of bed and entertained thoughts of how they would all be better if I just weren’t there anymore.

Anti-depressants, for me, feel like putting one of those in-ground trampolines part way down the pit.  I still get down about things, but there is something in there to stop my (otherwise endless) descent and help me get back up again. To me, that is invaluable.  I can move through my life, feeling things at the level of a so-called “normal” person and know that my safety net will prevent me from falling so deep that I can’t get out.

I admit I’m lucky; it took a few months to hit on the right combination of medications (Lexapro and Wellbutrin XL) and a few more months to identify the minimum maintenance dose necessary to keep me stable but not artificially cheerful.  Some people never find even the right combination, let alone a stable long-term dosage.

But as I read all the chatter about Robin Williams, I feel like I have to say something:

Depression is TREATABLE.  It is MANAGEABLE.

It is not shameful.  It is not a lack of willpower, a moral failing, or emotional laziness.  If you find yourself depressed, SEE SOMEONE.  Start with counseling, move on to medications if necessary.  But keep in mind that you can live a happy, successful life with depression, just as you could with diabetes or any other disease/disorder.  Don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need; it’s out there, and it works.


A quick post and an article you need to read

246932_10100498100389721_3514712_nI don’t have an outfit post for today.  On Thursday, I took my dogs for a walk and one of them blew out his knee.  Bad.  My beloved Simon is my baby – he is the most wonderful dog I could have imagined, and I love him.  So when he went down and couldn’t get up, I was very upset.

Friday morning we went to the vet. The first potential diagnosis was a form of degenerative disk problem in his back.  We went from there to a neurologist, where they did another exam.  The neurologist found no sign of a neurological issue, but did find that h is ACLs were torn in not one but both knees.

It looks like he had injured one knee about a week ago coming home from his dental cleaning, and had been favoring it since then.  When we were on his walk, he slipped and appears to have injured the other one.

Anyway, today he had surgery on the worst of the two knees.  He will need surgery on the other one eventually, but hopefully this will give him some mobility back.  After a 6-8 week recovery of course.  Needless to say I was distracted and didn’t get a chance to put an outfit together or take a picture. Tomorrow we pick him up from the vet and bring him home, so I probably won’t get the chance to take a picture then either.  Hopefully I can get back on track after that.

In the meantime, I suggest that everyone read this article by Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen.  Allie talks about the importance for a professional woman to have a professional headshot.  It was a wake-up call I needed, since I have continued to put off getting a proper headshot for … well, years.  She makes a great case, one I plan to take to heart.  I will post the picture once I get it taken.


Karen Kane for the win!

IMG_0187I have been blown away this year by not just the quality, but also the fit and styling of Karen Kane dresses.  Most of them came to me by way of Gwynnie Bee, and honestly I couldn’t be happier!

This is the Karen Kane Contrast Binding Dress, and yet another one that I bought as soon as I tried it on. Note, there is some discussion in the comments about whether this is black or a really dark navy.  Since that appears to depend mostly on the lighting, I just ran with the black accessories.

The shrug is necessary for working in an office all day.  It is a Jessica Howard and also originally came from Gwynnie Bee.

combine_images2What I love most about this dress is the combination of contrast binding and changing the direction of the stripes in the curve of the waist.  It draws the eyes there and provides curves without needing a belt or or explicit waist band.