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A few activities for August

A couple of other bloggers are starting some August challenges. In order to get myself back to regular blogging, I’m going to do both of them!


Leah proposed focusing on using what we have rather than buying new.  While I wait for fall to truly kick off, that sounded like a great idea!

Marie Denee proposed a themed instragram challenge.  Since I haven’t been using instragram to it’s fullest potential, here’s a chance to practice.  (Warning though, these will be iPhone pictures directly uploaded…)  I’m going to be adding an instagram feed to this page if you want to keep track, or follow me @misanthropic789



Wednesday summer outfit

I realized as I was flipping through this blog that I actually wore almost this exact same outfit a before.  I changed up the shoes and the jewelry and the bag, but the basics are there.  The big difference is that the last time I wore this outfit I needed the cardigan.

2014-07-29 08.44.06


This time I took it off when I left the building to avoid roasting in 114 degree heat.

2014-07-29 08.45.34

None of this stuff is new, so I apologize for the lack of links to the items…

  • Dress: Lands End
  • Cardigan: Marshalls
  • Shoes: Orthaheel
  • Bracelet and Necklace: Got in swaps – no name brands
  • Purse: Kate Spade Outlet

You will be pleased to hear that this is my very LAST outfit post using my phone.  While I don’t have a photographer and there was no sense buying an expensive camera that I wouldn’t know how to use anyway, I did pick up a Canon Powershot ELPH 340, Consumer Reports’ best reviewed subcompact camera.  While this isn’t a pro camera, it does have a few neat features such as the ability to use my phone as a remote control.  That should improve picture quality.  I also discovered that you can get a quite decent 60 inch tripod from Amazon for $19.99, which should also help.  (Previously I was using a 5 inch tripod and finding places to balance the camera – it was a frustrating process.)  Onward and upward.

pleated poppy