Impatiently waiting for fall

BtbpbRdIUAAmTIvIt was 116 degrees in AZ this week.  That makes it FAR too hot to ride my bike to work (or rather to safely get home after work – the morning’s are OK). Walking the dog is something that happens around 10pm, if it happens at all. It’s also monsoon season, which means that many nights we get rain and a dust storm/haboob (see above).  All this has me looking longly forward to fall; cooler weather (by our standards at least), but more importantly fall colors.

One of the things I’m fascinated by is color analysis; which colors make us look better, which don’t.  I’ve worn colors that didn’t work for me in the past (mustard, orange) and others that were amazing (oxblood, navy).  This past spring I got my colors done officially and confirmed what I kind of already knew:  I’m a Dark or Deep Winter.  (Think also Ellen Page, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hatheway – Brunette, Dark Eyes, Pale Skin)

Summer isn’t a bad shopping season for dark winter because all our colors don’t have to be dark.  In fact, we can wear a LOT of the really strong colors you see in the summer – cobalt blue, fuchsia, primary red, etc., as well as looking terrific in high-contrast color blocking.  But dark winter coloring is winter leaning toward autumn, which means that a lot of the really rich, deep, jewel tones that come out in the fall are our BEST colors.

So I’ve started shopping.  Here’s what I’ve ordered this recently:

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(Items 1/2: Zulily, 3-5: Old Navy, 6/7: ASOS, 8-10: Nordstrom)

It looks like a lot, but I would be amazed if I kept all of it.  For example, the Old Navy items involved taking a bit chance for me – their fit varies wildly. Still, if you look at the colors, they are ALL fall shades.  Deep, rich, and strong.

Notice also that most of these items fit the climate of AZ – even though the colors are dark, the sleeves are generally short and the fabrics are light.  (The one exception is the cardigan, but it matches too perfectly with the colors in the print top next to it; I couldn’t leave it behind.)  I can start wearing these items any time now.

It’s a start.  Most lines haven’t released their fall collections yet, so I expect to find many more items over the next few months.  I’ll post what I find!

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