More Polka Dots from Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee has you create a “closet” with lots of items in it and then sends what is available.  As it happened, I received 2 polka dot dresses in a row and decided to wear them back to back and compare.  You saw the previous one, so here is the latest.

QGdzJDxb1SY0xBAL.jpgThis dress is from Elementz and is a much simpler style.  For work (where it is a bit chilly in the office), I wore it with a short red cardigan from Modcloth. (Yes, I’m still working on the iphone photography – I can only improve, right?)  I finished the outfit with the Rieker sandals I wore the last time, although as I am wearing them the leather across the front of the foot is stretching and they are becoming somewhat less comfortable.  I carried my beloved Kate Spade Deborah Dot Little Nadine bag (which is out of stock everywhere) and wore a one-of-a-kind necklace made by my artist friend.

This outfit is actually a little challenging for me – the sweater stops right at the little pooge of my stomach, making me VERY aware of it.  And my chest is big enough that I’m always trying to make sure the buttons on the cardi aren’t pulling. But I still think the outfit looks terrific.

(Tangent:  I got fitted for an underwire bra, something that I have avoided for years and am SLOWLY working on wearing for more than an hour at a time.  I am wearing it here.  It’s a Prima Donna Deuville in a size 40H, which my husband says stands for 40 Holy COW!’s)

36zi4NoxaPp5N9m7.jpgHere’s a shot of the dress without the cardi.  I decided to BUY this dress for three reasons: First, I like the lack of a set in waist band. While this one would also be well served with some shapewear, I feel better even though it’s not there.  Second, I like the larger, more symmetrical polka dots on this dress.  Third, I think the length is better – a little younger, more universally flattering and likely to remain in style.

(I apologize for the messy desk in the background – we have 1 full length mirror in our house, and it’s in my office on the closet door.  At least the dogs aren’t milling around – it took a while to get a shot that didn’t have at least 1 random pet in it.)

For comparison, here are the two dresses side by side:

QGdzJDxb1SY0xBAL.jpg 2014-07-22 18.14.24

Did I make the right decision on which one to keep?



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