Finding MY Style

I mentioned before that I have purchased things that didn’t work.  This blog revision 1 was actually really useful for me in terms of figuring out what some of those things are.

  • Small prints and florals
  • Chunky knits
  • Pale/pastel colors
  • Mustard yellow, no matter HOW cute it looks on others

At the same time, though, just eliminating things doesn’t leave you with a style. I needed a new way of thinking about developing my own style. In the process of looking around for ideas, I came across an interesting series of articles title The Wardrobe Architect.  So far it is really helping me narrow in on some things I hadn’t considered previously. In week 1 it asks you to reflect on how we are different and how that affects our choices.  Several of the questions brought out some interesting thoughts for me.

  1. History:  In reflecting on this, I realized that my parents style of dress (well, really my Dad’s; my Mom wore what my Dad wanted) has had a lingering impact on my tastes.  My father had a VERY conservative style and pushed my mom toward the same; very classically cut Pendleton Wool Suits, meticulously matched purse/shoes/belts, that kind of thing.  I still have to fight the urge to match my purse and shoes when I dress.  I also was used to seeing suits, so I get VERY fussy about matching colors; I steer clear of Navy because it is so hard to match unless you buy all the pieces together and only wear them with their matching pieces.
  2. Community: When I think about it, I have always been heavily influenced by the wardrobe choices of my friends.  When my best friend was leaning toward the hippy/new agey side, so did I.  Even now, my husband explicitly doesn’t like certain things, so I don’t wear them.  Most aren’t a big loss (I agree with him that Capri’s don’t really look good on anyone, although in AZ they would be nice), but I sometimes miss some of the more edgy styles.
  3. Location: Arizona is Hot.  Even when it’s cold for those of us who lives here, it’s still in the 50s.  Because of this my wardrobe has drifted to be made up of lots of tanks/tees and cardigans that I can wear over them when indoors.
  4. Body, Part 1: I’m fat.  I’ve been fat all my life, with a lowest adult size of a US16.  I have no image of myself as thin, but that doesn’t stop me from struggling with what I see in the mirror every time I look. Because of that I tend to wear my clothing looser than a lot of plus sized women.  That impacts the silhouettes that I wear.  Too tight and I feel like all people see is the lumps and bulges.
  5. Body, Part 2:  I’ve read any number of times that more structured clothing is good, but I hate it.  HATE it.  I suppose in some ways that I reflect the lack of structure in my figure into my clothing, but all I know is that I feel uncomfortable and hyper-aware in highly structured clothing – like they are trying to force me to be a shape I’m not.

These questions have helped me to understand a little bit about where some of my own preferences and, frankly, odd choices come from.  With any luck being aware of these things will help me decide whether they serve me well or are things to be fought against.

I’ll take a look at part 2 in my next post (I promise there will be pictures soon), but I’m glad I found this program.  I feel as though I noticed a few things today that were important, first about my history and second about my (still problematic after all these years) body image. Things to mull over …


  1. Sharon says:

    I initially joined your site due to wanting to inquire about a Brahmin Moss Colorblock [navy and moss] handbag that I saw in one of your photos. Any help you can provide in terms of finding this handbag would be MOST appreciated. I have been in contact with Brahmin, keep looking periodically on ebay, etc. . .but, thus far, no luck. Again, any help you can provide will be appreciated! In 50+ years, this is the first handbag with which I have ever officially “fallen in love!” 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Sharon – I wish I could help. The bag is stunning, but it belongs to my friend Sandra and to my knowledge she isn’t selling right now. Your best bet is to keep watch on ebay or tradesy.