Fashion vs style

One of the things I’ve struggled with over this last break was this idea of “my style”.  You see, it’s very easy to get caught up in fashion – the latest, the greatest, whatever is trendy at the time.  Lately it’s been crop tops, last summer it was fatkini’s, and so on.  And for a while I felt like if I was going to blog, I had to try each and every one of those trends.

The thing is, the results weren’t always good.  Getting ready to restart the blog, I went back through the posts.  With some distance it was easier to see where I had made mistakes or which outfits didn’t quite work.  I wore colors that weren’t flattering (mustard yellow), styles that didn’t do me any favors, and spent money I shouldn’t have in order to get the latest and greatest things, many of which were only worn once.  That’s a mistake.

Your 40s allows you to kick the trends to the curb, or at the least the ones that don’t fit your personal style.  Oxblood was a trend a couple years ago, but it will ALWAYS be part of my wardrobe (whether it’s the current thing or completely out of vogue) because the color is a great one for me.   Neon, not so much.  Color blocking is good, florals are not.  Fit-and-flare dresses are a win, crop tops are not happening.

Imogen Lamport at puts it really well (although this is somewhat paraphrased):

Fashion is what they sell at the store. 

Style is how you put it together. 

Call it a prerogative of age, but I no longer feel the need to go along with what is in fashion at any given moment.  I am going to focus on the colors I know I look good in, regardless of whether they are “in” at the moment.  I choose to have my own style, even if it seems dull, updated with new, trendy elements ONLY when they fit my overall look.

The next step, of course, is refining what that style actually is…

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