Is this thing on?

So it’s been about 9 months since I posted.  I have a pile of excuses, not the least of which is that the puppy ate my camera. (No, really.  She chewed it up until it wouldn’t work anymore…) But quite honestly I had reached a point where the process of taking pictures every day was kind of a pain and so I stopped.

Recently, however, I’ve realized that I still have things to say, do and show.  So I’m back.  I will not be pushing to post every day, nor will I be posting every outfit.  It’s July in Arizona – sometimes it’s just too hot.  I also am not going to try to compete with all the bloggers out there with people who will take their pictures for them; my husband has neither the will nor the ability.

However I am back with new outfits, new ideas and a new philosophy about my clothing.  But that’s for another post….

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