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Allie over at Wardrobe Oxygen published a post in response to some style rules tweeted by More Magazine, and I think every woman needs to read it.  She talks intelligently about why some of the items on the list just don’t make sense anymore and how others are not necessarily hard and fast rules for all.  Trends come and go, and sometimes (as seems the case now), many of them come all at the same time.

I don’t and/or won’t ever try to rock many of these, but not because of a rule; because they are not suitable for my body shape and the look I am going for. Allie’s comments, though, can help you think through whether any of them would work for you.

  • I wore orange today and last thursday.  I’m not about to stop anytime soon.
  • I prefer a capped sleeve to sleeveless – I need the width at the shoulder to balance out my hips, and the cap sleeve provides that while leaving my arms cool and free.
  • I’m keeping all my stripes, thank you.  I love a nice wide stripe, and actually think that wider stripes often look better on plus girls than on straight sized.  YMMV
  • I have several boxy jackets – as long as they are balanced with a narrow pant, they look terrific.
  • I am currently reconsidering my dark-wash jeans only wardrobe, and acid wash is not out of the question.

The point is that you need to look at each of these in terms of your shape.  Find what works for you, what makes YOU feel comfortable and confident, and run with it.  Regardless of what a magazine says.

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  1. Amen sister! Glad you liked the piece, and glad you’re wearing what you like and know works for you! 🙂