Black and white – for days when you don’t want to think too hard!

Today was a pretty good, although busy, day at work.  I had back to back meetings and a pile of work that I never did quite catch up on.  However due dates appear to be arranging themselves favorably and that is definitely helping me calm down.

When I was getting dressed, however, I knew that I would be in meetings (so I needed to be comfortable) and some of them would be with people from other institutions (so I needed to look pulled together).  My go-to for that kind of day is black and white!


I LOVE this outfit.  It is comfortable but looks sharp, has tons of style and is very current without being inaccessibly trendy.  My husband has complimented it more than once.


I suppose I could have belted the top, but that isn’t a look I feel comfortable with and it was more important to feel good about everything.

  • Black Peplum Tee (Simply Be, $20)
  • Black and White Maxi (Lane Bryant – no longer available)
  • Black and White Polka-Dot Necklace (Vintage, bought on Etsy, $12 and a favorite statement piece this season)
  • Black and White Lindenwood Leopard Bag (Kate Spade, multiple available on ebay)
  • Black Patent Sandals (Dansko Sophia Slide, $70 on clearance at a local specialty shoe store)
  • Black and Silver Bracelet (Vince Camuto, purchased but no longer available on LittleBlackBag)
  • Sunglasses (Betsey Johnson, also purchased but no longer available on LittleBlackBag)

You could probably make the argument that this top is a size too big.  I bought it a size big just to make sure that, if it shrank, it would still fit.  Having washed it, I am ordering more (another black, a hot pink and a purple) and will try to order 22s instead of 24 where available.  (The darn things are $20 and look terrific with a skirt – they may become my go-to better-than-a-plain-tee tops this summer!)

One piece of administrative information:  Part of keeping the blog from becoming more work than it’s worth have been the following changes:

  1. Not bothering with affiliate links.  They aren’t worth the trouble, and no one offers to give me anything much anyway.  Still linking back to the products if I can, though.
  2. Outfit posts on Monday and Wednesdays.  If I have more good outfits in a week and can pull together a post, terrific, but I’m not going to put a lot of pressure on myself to try to post an outfit every day.  This week I’m cheating and doing the whole week in 1 post.
  3. Friday’s I will pull something together in Polyvore.  Only plus sized vendors/clothing, reasonably priced items, though.  There are a lot of gorgeous things on polyvore that only the 1% can afford, and I’m not in that group.
  4. Random shopping posts as I have money to shop.  Or if I find somewhere new that is worth the shout-out.

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  1. Kelly @ Kiwi Womens Style says:

    Black and white is totally my go to outfit builders too. I love that top and agree it works fine without a belt. A size down would probably be better but comfort is important too. Love the subtle pattern mixing with the skirt, necklace, bag too. Thanks for sharing with WW – love having you along each week!

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks! I tried ordering the top a size down last night and they are out of stock *pout*. I’ll need to do some hunting!

  2. anastasia anezinis says:

    Cool outfit!You looks amazing!


  3. Robin Hardeman says:

    Too cute. I haven’t purchased from Simplybe yet but that top looks great and for $20 bucks, great buy. Love the whole look.
    Saw you on Real Girl Style

    • Rebecca says:

      SimplyBe is well worth a look. There are some very reasonably priced clothes there (and some unreasonably priced one), along with a lot of different styles that can do wonders for an outfit. I actually get a lot of basics there!

  4. Ooh, I love this outfit. I need that peplum top in my life!

    • Rebecca says:

      For $20 american, I’m pretty sure EVERYONE needs one of these! Plus you are in the UK, right? That means you probably wouldn’t even have to pay shipping. And there are PILES of 30% off coupons out there…

      • I had a look. In all colours they are sold out in all but the smallest few sizes. Bummer! I am in the UK & I’ve been buying from Simply Be for years, but have run up quite the account which is why I don’t tend to look there any more. 😉 They still charge us for delivery, which is why I love ASOS so much. Free delivery suits this girl!

        • Rebecca says:

          Really? You would think they would pay shipping, if only to compete with ASOS. I love ASOS’s stuff as well, though, so it’s all good!

          • I was having this conversation with someone in the UK recently. Evans and Simply Be really need to start offering free delivery. It IS all good – lots of choice in plus clothing in the UK – finally!

  5. Yes! This top is sharp and you look ready for a busy day. I’m happy to see you back at dress for the day!

  6. Your hair looks great and I love that bag!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰