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A summer wedding in technicolor!

I have been OBSESSED this summer with the combination of Hot Pink and Orange, so when I went to polyvore I found myself wandering into those color schemes.

Not that it isn’t appropriate, of course.  The colors are bright, happy and unabashedly summery.  This outfit is one I would wear to a summer wedding, either day or evening.

The shoes are by Aetrex and have strong arch support.  I have them in black and consider them the type of heels that you could dance the night away in and still walk the next day.

The bracelet is a simple silver heart from Tiffany’s that I’ve had for years.  The shape and design are classic and not overdone.

The bag is a small clutch from Melie Bianco.  I’ve become a total Melie fan-girl; the styles are fun, bright and innovative, the materials are all vegan, and the price point is usually around $100.  This is far preferable to my other favorite, Kate Spade, where the price points are 3-4x that much.

The item I don’t have is the dress, but my obsession with the colors made it an obvious winner.  The shape is terrific (although I might want a wrap to wear with it for evenings), although I almost wish it were from eShakti so I could get cap sleeves on it.

salinasfb-pnkorgd1172b35baa2bea42aa75e5a36abcc83handbagOf course I have no weddings to attend this summer, so I am exercising my preference for these colors in a pair of Birki‘s and a couple of different purses.

A summer wedding in technicolor!


Adrianna Papell pleated dress / Aetrex arch support sandals / Melie Bianco / Charm jewelry

Black and white – for days when you don’t want to think too hard!

Today was a pretty good, although busy, day at work.  I had back to back meetings and a pile of work that I never did quite catch up on.  However due dates appear to be arranging themselves favorably and that is definitely helping me calm down.

When I was getting dressed, however, I knew that I would be in meetings (so I needed to be comfortable) and some of them would be with people from other institutions (so I needed to look pulled together).  My go-to for that kind of day is black and white!


I LOVE this outfit.  It is comfortable but looks sharp, has tons of style and is very current without being inaccessibly trendy.  My husband has complimented it more than once.


I suppose I could have belted the top, but that isn’t a look I feel comfortable with and it was more important to feel good about everything.

  • Black Peplum Tee (Simply Be, $20)
  • Black and White Maxi (Lane Bryant – no longer available)
  • Black and White Polka-Dot Necklace (Vintage, bought on Etsy, $12 and a favorite statement piece this season)
  • Black and White Lindenwood Leopard Bag (Kate Spade, multiple available on ebay)
  • Black Patent Sandals (Dansko Sophia Slide, $70 on clearance at a local specialty shoe store)
  • Black and Silver Bracelet (Vince Camuto, purchased but no longer available on LittleBlackBag)
  • Sunglasses (Betsey Johnson, also purchased but no longer available on LittleBlackBag)

You could probably make the argument that this top is a size too big.  I bought it a size big just to make sure that, if it shrank, it would still fit.  Having washed it, I am ordering more (another black, a hot pink and a purple) and will try to order 22s instead of 24 where available.  (The darn things are $20 and look terrific with a skirt – they may become my go-to better-than-a-plain-tee tops this summer!)

One piece of administrative information:  Part of keeping the blog from becoming more work than it’s worth have been the following changes:

  1. Not bothering with affiliate links.  They aren’t worth the trouble, and no one offers to give me anything much anyway.  Still linking back to the products if I can, though.
  2. Outfit posts on Monday and Wednesdays.  If I have more good outfits in a week and can pull together a post, terrific, but I’m not going to put a lot of pressure on myself to try to post an outfit every day.  This week I’m cheating and doing the whole week in 1 post.
  3. Friday’s I will pull something together in Polyvore.  Only plus sized vendors/clothing, reasonably priced items, though.  There are a lot of gorgeous things on polyvore that only the 1% can afford, and I’m not in that group.
  4. Random shopping posts as I have money to shop.  Or if I find somewhere new that is worth the shout-out.

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Not dead yet…

So.  I know.  Bad blogger, no biscuit.

The last month and a half has been chaotic.  It started with one crazy week (think 3 MAJOR deadlines on the same day and jury duty in the middle of the week that I not only couldn’t get out of but got CHOSEN for), but then kept going.  So here, in brief, is the summary of the 2nd half of april and most of may.

  • Seriously, who lets the PhD statistician end up on their jury when their entire case is based on margins of error.  I would have thought for sure a competent defense attorney would have wanted me out of there.  Unfortunately for the defendant  that was NOT a competent defense attorney.
  • On the plus side, I am getting promoted.  On the not-so-plus side, my predecessor in this job is coming back; reporting to me, which is good, but bringing along all his 10 years worth of contacts and institutional knowledge.  The trick will be to not allow him to cut me out of things.  I do at least know that my boss adores me and thinks I am competent.  Not to mention that she is having him report to me, which shows that I bring something more than he has to the role.
  • Zoe’s autoimmune disorder kicked into high gear again and caused 251351_10100498100569361_454891_nsome major medical problems.  And bills.  And she blew out her knee (partially torn anterior cruciate ligament) which couldn’t be operated on right away because of the autoimmune problems.  Luckily we got that under control and she had her surgery this past Thursday.  She’s recovering.  It’s a lot of work to keep a 96lb dog from moving around.  A two-person job in fact.
  • Work was kind of insane.  That happens, of course, but it’s all the other deadlines that tend to pay the price.
  • IMG_1851I had a conference in Long Beach, CA last week.  I had 2 presentations.  One was expected to be small.  Truthfully I thought BOTH would be small, but the universe needed to shake me up.  I hadn’t written the presentation yet when I got to Long Beach.  So it was a bit of a surprise when the conference app showed me that, as of 3 days before the presentation, 186 people had signed up.  By the day of, that number was over 225.  The room was packed – standing room only. I’m told I did well, but as you might expect it was just a but overwhelming.  I wore this outfit with a different (bigger) bag (Foley and Corinna Jet Set Tote in Red and Cream, which is big enough for my macbook air and makes an amazingly good travel bag).  I also got a haircut before I went, so it looked better than this picture.
  • I came back to a full day training session.  Not a bad thing, but another day out of the office when I couldn’t get things done.  It involved a couple of new types of personality tests, both of which basically told me what I already knew about myself.  Ah well – it’s a leadership program, so one can always learn more.

Anyway, life has been insane, and since this blog is a hobby rather than a job for me, it was the thing that fell to the bottom of my to do list when time got tight.  Here’s to getting back on track.