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Thursday Threads and Random Thoughts


Today’s Outfit

I’m not entirely wild about today’s outfit.  What seemed to work together when I was getting dressed doesn’t work as well in the pictures.

  • Red Artisan Cardigan (J.Jill)
  • Purple, pink and red floral tank (Lane Bryant)
  • Black straight-cut jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Red sandals (Pikolinos)
  • Silver Flower necklace (gift)
  • Black Purse (Foley and Corinna, purchased on eBay)
  • Black Computer Bifocals (gifted by Reading Glasses Shopper)

The tank has the same red color as the cardigan, but it is mostly covered.  The sandals are a little rustic for the rest of the outfit.

I love the purse though – this one is the same as the tan I carried earlier this week.  I liked the size and shape so much that I searched ebay until I could get one at a decent price in my favorite neutral.  I may buy and sell fun stuff, but this one is definitely a keeper!

Photo on 3-13-13 at 1.53 PM #3

Other people’s clothing

I had to bite my tongue today.  A co-worker showed up wearing a pair of tapered, cropped (but only a little – think high-waters) khakis, khaki socks and big clunk black shoes.  It was bad enough that one of the men in our office said something about it.  I chose to offer to take her shopping instead.  (She and her husband keep a rigid budget and spend all their money on travel – 3 times a year, all over the place.  They love it, but to her, $10 and they fit comfortably is sufficient reason to buy a pair of pants.  It’s hard to explain why that’s not a good enough reason.  She spends maybe $100/year on clothing.  My point was she needs to spend it more carefully, but she doesn’t appear to want to put TIME into it either.)

Reflections on a trend

ANKLE PANTS:  Pants hemmed to (for a non-petite or tall) around 28 inches instead of the usual 30-31.  About an inch longer than cuffed boyfriend jeans (which are usually around 27 inches).


I get it: If you tailor pants to your ankles it doesn’t matter how high your heels are, they are always the right length.  (Or at least that’s the only reason I can think of to do this.  And even then, why not hem them to the very top of your foot and call it good?)

But they still look weird and wrong to me.  I can’t imagine how they won’t make most women’s legs look shorter than they already are.  (My co-worker above was suffering from this problem, and she’s a tall size 10.)  I may eventually soften my attitude toward them as I get used to the look (heck, I did with skinny jeans), but right now I just can’t imagine they would work on me or anyone built like me.

What do you think?  Will you wear ankle pants?


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Navy and White for spring

IMG_2654I have always liked the combination of navy and white; it’s so clean and fresh.  The problem, of course, is that it is nearly impossible to match navy’s.  Today’s outfit is an example of that.

  • Navy Seersucker Dress (Lands End, last season)
  • White Cardigan (purchased at Marshall’s)
  • Navy polka dot shoes (Cape Clogs)
  • Elise Hope Sporty Satchel (Little Black Bag)
  • Necklace (the little boutique near my office
  • Silver bracelet (Tiffanys, old)

I adore the shape of both this dress and this sweater, although it’s hard to see the shape of the dress under the cardigan. The dress has a set in under the bust that gives it shape, and the cardigan changes direction at the waist as well. Good definition without being too tight.

However when I looked at this outfit in the mirror, the shoes and dress were almost exactly the same color.  In this picture, not so much.

picapica-large-pippinavyThese shoes were a terrific find; I picked them up last year on a flash sale.  Who knew that wooden clog-style shoes could be so comfy!  The only issue is that they are a little big, so I am sending them to a friend who wears a size bigger than I do and she will be ordering the correct size to be sent straight to me.  All I know is that I walked probably a mile in them around campus and they never hurt my feet.  I ordered a different style from the same company because I liked them so much!

eh_sporty_stripe_satchel_14_wht_8009_001_1000I knew the blue in the bag was different from the navy in the shoes and dress, but I was OK with that because I was mostly interested in the white and the style.  The size and shape are terrific, the bag holds everything, and it has both a long strap and small handles.  All in all it’s a great summer bag!

My husband was pleased to hear last night that I am mostly done buying new bags for a while.  He wasn’t so pleased to hear that I will be buying new shoes for a while instead.  I was really having a hard time finding shoes I thought would give me the arch support and that were cute/colorful in my closet.  Black I have, and cute shoes with no arch support as well, but not as much color or fun stuff as I want that are also good for my feet.  Time to do some shopping.  First order of business is hot pink!

Photo on 3-12-13 at 11.07 AM

I am still loving the wash and go hair, although later this week I may blow-dry it just to do something different.  Right now my main goal is to convince myself to get up early enough to ride my bike to work.  I was all packed to do so today but I woke up with a migraine.  That wasn’t going to work at all.  Ah well, tomorrow is another day, right?

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Waving to Spring as we speed by…

IMG_2588There are a lot of things I love about Arizona, starting with 300+ sunny days per year. But this weeks weather report suggests that we will be waving to spring as we speed by.

  • Monday, high in the mid 70s.
  • Tuesday and wednesday, highs in the mid 80s.
  • Thursday and friday, highs in the 90s.

That means my spring summer wardrobe will be out in full force starting very soon and the bulky sweaters are all headed for the cleaners to be put away for the season.

Today I went with one of my loose weave (and therefore lighter weight) pull over sweaters, this one in olive green.  I put it on with dark red pants hoping that it wouldn’t look too christmas-y.

  • Dark red straight leg jeans (Bandolino, purchased at Marshalls)
  • Olive pull over sweater (purchased at Marshalls)
  • Olive tank (J.Jill)
  • Tan purse (Foley and Corinna)
  • Owl Necklace (Charming Charlies)
  • Wood grain bracelet (Little Black Bag)
  • Olive and Camo Top Siders (Sperry)

I’m thinking that I’m going to donate these pants.  They aren’t comfortable and they aren’t particularly attractive.  They fit kind of funny – tight at the top of the hip, big at the lower hip, and bad fit always makes me feel worse about my appearance.  Plus, they border on being too short for any but the flattest of shoes.  If the length shrinks any more, they won’t be wearable. Even if I lost weight I don’t think they would look good.  Thankfully, they were cheap, so donating them isn’t a big deal.


I also experimented with taking pictures today.  The negative of the curly hair style is that my hair is still wet when I leave the house.  That means I can’t take pictures as I leave, so I have to find somewhere else.  (Once I start riding my bike to work again, later this week, I’ll have the same problem.)    I’m still looking for a decent place, although the spot in the first picture (in the shade) isn’t bad.  I just need to figure out how to set the tripod to get a full length shot.

Photo on 3-11-13 at 1.59 PM

Wave goodbye to closed toe shoes.  Tomorrow the sandals start and I expect you won’t see covered toes again for quite some time!  I’m looking forward to that; I have far more cute sandals than cute closed toe shoes, so I can’t wait to bring them out of the closet!

My style motto, and the best reason I can think of to wear sensible shoes!

Run away with the doctor


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Outfit snippets from an overly busy week

The second half of last week was insane; big deliverables due to my boss’s boss (the CFO) that had to tie out to the financial statements as well as answer the question correctly, back to back meetings, and all sorts of craziness at home.  The result was that all I found time for was a couple of quick pictures at my desk; no full length shots.  For example, this shot that was taken at 8pm:

Photo on 3-7-13 at 7.28 PM

I loved the outfit (even though my hair had gone flat by then), so I had to show it.

The black pants and shoes were the same old same-old, but I love the necklace and jacket together.  I think I need a stark black and white purse, though.

These glasses are also new, and I think the style works incredibly well with this outfit.  They are a Wayfarer style, which is both classic and retro-chic right now.  More important for me is that they are more than just simple reading glasses; they are super functional computer bifocals.  The lower part of the lens is my normal reading correction (+1.75) while the upper part is about half that.  The entire lens has an anti-glare coating and slight tint to make looking at a computer all day easier.  While I love my regular reading glasses if all I’m doing is reading, the added functionality of these saved my butt this week.

The next morning was more of the same:

Photo on 3-8-13 at 10.51 AM #2

I added a little color and some fun jewelry, but it was another day in front of a monitor working like a fiend, so I was glad for the computer bifocals.

  • Black tee (purchased at Marshall’s)
  • Purple cardigan (Coldwater Creek, old)
  • Black and gold bracelet (Coldwater Creek on clearance)
  • Purple and red necklace (Kate Spade, purchased off ebay)
  • Black jeggings (Lane Bryant last fall)
  • Black boots (old)
  • Black and Brown purse (Melie Bianco)
  • Heritage Computer Bifocal Reading Glasses (gifted by ReadingGlassesShopper)

You can tell how busy I was just by the fact that I didn’t get a chance to change purses all week long.

The numbers got to the big boss in time, all the meetings were dealt with and there should be full length pictures again this upcoming week.  Husband is off for spring break but I have to work (meh). The weather is supposed to be MUCH warmer (70s, 80s, and I think I even saw one 90 degree day late in the week) so my spring goodies will be coming out in force!

(The reading glasses were a gift from, however the opinions about them are all mine.)


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Lace, Polka Dots, Black and White and Yellow

I love black and white.  I would wear a ton of it even if it weren’t in fashion.  So much the better that it is.

I also love yellow, but can’t wear it that close to my face.  However I can fantasize.  If I were to actually wear this outfit I would change out the yellow for hot pink, but in the end it would be a similar effect.  (I just love the look of black and white and yellow and wish I could wear it.)

The shoes are hot as well.  I need to find something similar with some arch support.


Lace, Polka Dots, Black and White and Yellow
Jane Norman corset top, $27 / Winter white skirt / Truth or Dare tie shoes / Melie Bianco bag / Betsey Johnson bow bangle / Bow earrings / Dagmar , $195