Shopping Sunday – Things I ordered today

Over the last week a lot of stuff I ordered recently and returned has gotten credited, so my spending money bucket was refilled.  I used the opportunity to do a little shopping.

aubriella-frontI am hopeful that this dress (Aubriella from Igigi) will look every bit as amazing on me as it does on her, but you never know with these things.  It’s an expensive dress, so if it doesn’t work it will go back.  However I thought it was too pretty to NOT order.

(I always worry about this shape.  Right under my bust is my smallest part, but it’s not wide, so the wide waist on this could require shapewear to lay correctly.  I hate that.  We’ll see though…)

My biggest worry, though, is that they had 18/20 or 26/28.  No 22/24, which is my normal size.  I ordered the 18/20 on the theory that it is my hips that usually require me to go up and that shouldn’t be an issue with a full skirt.


I ordered the cardigan off BeyondTheRack in both black and white.  They look lightweight and easy to wear  for the summer (although the white one is long sleeved).  We’ll see.  At $17.99 each, it’s kind of hard to go wrong.

bestieskit_3pc_1I placed an order to Julep that included 4 new nail polishes.  Three are in the HelloGiggles Tickled Pink Ombre Besties kit, although I won’t use them in that way.  I was just looking at my polishes last night and realized that I didn’t have what most would consider to be pretty basic colors.  Along with that I will be getting a coral/orange color called Georgia for free using the discount code SPRINGCOLOR; you add the color to your basket then enter the code at checkout.  4 colors for $28 = $7/color, which is a very reasonable price.

My big focus right now is on shoes; my closet purge last weekend involved a lot of shoes, and I need to replace them.  I’m OK on basics, but don’t always have the fun, colorful ones I might want for certain outfits.

CSH-W-UW00699-050411I also ordered two pairs of shoes from Cushe.  The first was a pair of wedge heels with arch support that looked kind of fun and sporty.  Called Entwine, they come in several color combinations and are currently on sale for $59.99.  This is actually their Black pair, but I love the colorful accents.

CSH-W-UW00857-092811The second is a pair of closed toe flats that looked cute and had the arch support I need.  We’ll see if they are as comfortable as I think.  They are called Koa Suade and are on sale for $55.99.  When I work at the shelter I HAVE to wear closed toed shoes, but no one says they have to be trainers.  This is far cuter!

images (1)I also ordered a pair of Trotters Kristin sandals in Pink off Zulily.  Zulily is another flash sale site, but focused on Moms and Kids.  I’ve been particularly impressed that they always have at least one plus sized gallery, often get neat stuff (like overstock from SWAK), and carry a lot of what I would call “comfort” brand shoes.  (These are brands that focus on cushioning and arch support, which is what I need these days.  I discovered Cape Clogs through Zulily, and they have the navy polka dot shoes I’ve shown here before for sale today.)  They also focus on more reasonably priced lines; no $1000 purses.  I think I order more off Zulily these days than any of the other flash sites.

So that was my weekend.  No guarantee that some or all of them won’t go back, but those that don’t are certain to show up on here soon enough.

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