Happy spring colors

Spring comes early in Arizona, which means that my spring wardrobe comes out earlier than most.  Today’s outfit was a personal challenge to not wear black and go for happy spring colors.  Of course, I managed to forget my camera (riding my bike tends to make me a little scatter-brained in the morning) so you get indoor pics today!  I’m liking my hair, though!

Photo on 3-25-13 at 11.58 AM

Old navy lists this tank as Grey, but it looks green to both me and my husband.  I played around with wearing it with both this dark hunter color and more of an olive shade, and both looked good.  The hunter won because they are a heavier fabric and it’s still a little chilly (by Arizona standards) early in the morning.

  • 41-O93h6yeLDark green (really) knit jeans (Coldwater Creek, old)
  • Peach cardigan (J.Jill)
  • Green and Peach tank (Old Navy)
  • Peach hobo (Penny Sue, purchased at LittleBlackBag)
  • Peach and tan Bracelets (Purchased at LittleBlackBag)
  • Khaki Earthies Larissa Sandals (purchased off ebay, mostly available on clearance if you hunt around a bit) Pictured here, since you can’t see them in the picture.

These jeans are an interesting case.  I remember them being too snug the last time I wore them, but today they fit perfectly.  Yet my weight hasn’t changed.  Here’s hoping I can drop a size or two regardless of what the scale says.

Here’s a closeup shot that will give you a better look at the bracelets:

Photo on 3-25-13 at 11.55 AM

I spent this past weekend (well, part of it) in my closet.  I went through all the clothing, put together a big bag of stuff that I took to good will, including stuff I didn’t like, that didn’t fit right, or that I just hadn’t worn despite owning for a long time.  I also donated a bunch of sandals that are cute but have no arch support; I just find them too painful to walk far in, and I’d rather focus on filling in blanks with shoes that meet my needs better.

At the same time, I pulled all my heavy sweaters and put them into a tote to go to the dry cleaners.  I love them all, but they need to be cleaned and put away for the season.  Right now they are just entirely too warm and that will only get worse.  Plus it’s like a huge shopping trip in the fall when I pull them back out!

Cardigans like this one stay; it’s a linen blend and very light weight.  I also keep the open-weave ones around for summer.  I love my layers, but nothing that will cause me to overheat!

My closet is still a bit overcrowded, though.  Primarily this is due to an unwillingness to let certain pieces go; tops I love but that have either shrunk or are looking worse for wear.  Also, I have a whole collection of “sitting-around-the-house” tees that I don’t wear out; they are soft, generally oversized and in all sorts of random colors, many of which just aren’t good colors for me but that I think are pretty.  I would probably have a lot more space in my closet if I let those two groups of tops go (or at least started folding and putting elsewhere the house tees).

Or I need a house with a bigger closet.  I mean, after all, my shoes are in a different closet and I have a bookshelf with doors for my purses.  Clearly I don’t have enough space 🙂

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  1. Susan says:

    This whole post sounds like things I do when cleaning out my closet. I’m spring cleaning my bedroom and closet too and getting out the spring/summer clothes. It was in the 70’s here today. I’m very ready for spring!
    Hugs, Susan @stylingwithsusieblog.com

    • Rebecca says:

      Yay 70s – it’s actually been in the 80s here and that makes me happier than you could possibly believe. I’m sure I would sound like a whiner to those who are still dealing with snow, but after 11 years here anything under about 80 feel chilly.

  2. Kelly @ Kiwi Womens Style says:

    Well done you on such a rigorous clean out! It’s funny how they better I learn to layer the less I end up swapping around for different seasons. Thanks for sharing with WW xo

    • Rebecca says:

      The only thing I swap is the heavy sweaters, because you just can’t wear them in arizona during the summer. It’s too hot. However it provides a lovely chance to get them dry cleaned, which gets rid of the body oils and other things that attract moths. Plus, it’s like going shopping again when the seasons change and I pull them all back out!

  3. Claudia Castro says:

    hi, stopping by from the Wednesday blog hop….following you on bloglovin, hope you’ll do the same if you like my blog 🙂


  4. i love the pink and green/grey together! happy spring!

  5. crazycatladybj says:

    Hi, I found you through My Girlish Whims blog party. Your blog sounds as if it’s written for me, so I’ve become a follower. BTW, I vote for a bigger closet. I have 2 separate wardrobes. One for around the house & one for going out. I have 4 dogs & 2 cats, so, it’s easier to have at home clothes than to constantly be worried about fur, claw holes, spilt ice cream etc. Have a good day.
    PS, I like your hair too.

    • Rebecca says:

      I think you are right about the closet! Either that or I have to make my beloved husband take up less room in the one we share. That man has more clothing than I do.

      I am so glad to hear I’m not the only one with “at home” clothing. 2 dogs and 2 cats make it a requirement. Without the separate clothes I would be washing my other stuff a LOT more often. At least I could spend my time washing stuff from old navy rather than someplace more expensive!

  6. Alison Lumbatis says:

    Love the colors and the print! Cute outfit, thanks for linking up.