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Thursday Threads and Random Thoughts


Today’s Outfit

I’m not entirely wild about today’s outfit.  What seemed to work together when I was getting dressed doesn’t work as well in the pictures.

  • Red Artisan Cardigan (J.Jill)
  • Purple, pink and red floral tank (Lane Bryant)
  • Black straight-cut jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Red sandals (Pikolinos)
  • Silver Flower necklace (gift)
  • Black Purse (Foley and Corinna, purchased on eBay)
  • Black Computer Bifocals (gifted by Reading Glasses Shopper)

The tank has the same red color as the cardigan, but it is mostly covered.  The sandals are a little rustic for the rest of the outfit.

I love the purse though – this one is the same as the tan I carried earlier this week.  I liked the size and shape so much that I searched ebay until I could get one at a decent price in my favorite neutral.  I may buy and sell fun stuff, but this one is definitely a keeper!

Photo on 3-13-13 at 1.53 PM #3

Other people’s clothing

I had to bite my tongue today.  A co-worker showed up wearing a pair of tapered, cropped (but only a little – think high-waters) khakis, khaki socks and big clunk black shoes.  It was bad enough that one of the men in our office said something about it.  I chose to offer to take her shopping instead.  (She and her husband keep a rigid budget and spend all their money on travel – 3 times a year, all over the place.  They love it, but to her, $10 and they fit comfortably is sufficient reason to buy a pair of pants.  It’s hard to explain why that’s not a good enough reason.  She spends maybe $100/year on clothing.  My point was she needs to spend it more carefully, but she doesn’t appear to want to put TIME into it either.)

Reflections on a trend

ANKLE PANTS:  Pants hemmed to (for a non-petite or tall) around 28 inches instead of the usual 30-31.  About an inch longer than cuffed boyfriend jeans (which are usually around 27 inches).


I get it: If you tailor pants to your ankles it doesn’t matter how high your heels are, they are always the right length.  (Or at least that’s the only reason I can think of to do this.  And even then, why not hem them to the very top of your foot and call it good?)

But they still look weird and wrong to me.  I can’t imagine how they won’t make most women’s legs look shorter than they already are.  (My co-worker above was suffering from this problem, and she’s a tall size 10.)  I may eventually soften my attitude toward them as I get used to the look (heck, I did with skinny jeans), but right now I just can’t imagine they would work on me or anyone built like me.

What do you think?  Will you wear ankle pants?


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