Waving to Spring as we speed by…

IMG_2588There are a lot of things I love about Arizona, starting with 300+ sunny days per year. But this weeks weather report suggests that we will be waving to spring as we speed by.

  • Monday, high in the mid 70s.
  • Tuesday and wednesday, highs in the mid 80s.
  • Thursday and friday, highs in the 90s.

That means my spring summer wardrobe will be out in full force starting very soon and the bulky sweaters are all headed for the cleaners to be put away for the season.

Today I went with one of my loose weave (and therefore lighter weight) pull over sweaters, this one in olive green.  I put it on with dark red pants hoping that it wouldn’t look too christmas-y.

  • Dark red straight leg jeans (Bandolino, purchased at Marshalls)
  • Olive pull over sweater (purchased at Marshalls)
  • Olive tank (J.Jill)
  • Tan purse (Foley and Corinna)
  • Owl Necklace (Charming Charlies)
  • Wood grain bracelet (Little Black Bag)
  • Olive and Camo Top Siders (Sperry)

I’m thinking that I’m going to donate these pants.  They aren’t comfortable and they aren’t particularly attractive.  They fit kind of funny – tight at the top of the hip, big at the lower hip, and bad fit always makes me feel worse about my appearance.  Plus, they border on being too short for any but the flattest of shoes.  If the length shrinks any more, they won’t be wearable. Even if I lost weight I don’t think they would look good.  Thankfully, they were cheap, so donating them isn’t a big deal.


I also experimented with taking pictures today.  The negative of the curly hair style is that my hair is still wet when I leave the house.  That means I can’t take pictures as I leave, so I have to find somewhere else.  (Once I start riding my bike to work again, later this week, I’ll have the same problem.)    I’m still looking for a decent place, although the spot in the first picture (in the shade) isn’t bad.  I just need to figure out how to set the tripod to get a full length shot.

Photo on 3-11-13 at 1.59 PM

Wave goodbye to closed toe shoes.  Tomorrow the sandals start and I expect you won’t see covered toes again for quite some time!  I’m looking forward to that; I have far more cute sandals than cute closed toe shoes, so I can’t wait to bring them out of the closet!

My style motto, and the best reason I can think of to wear sensible shoes!

Run away with the doctor


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