Thursday Threads: It’s all about proportion

Photo on 3-6-13 at 11.16 AM #2Before I get to this weeks Thursday Threads, I want to talk a little about proportion.  I love my long, drape front cardigans, but looking at the pictures of late I have not been overwhelmed by how they looked.  The length tends to make my (already short) legs look shorter, while making my torso look disproportionately long.

So when I saw a cardigan in a green (similar to a long, drapey one I already have but in a lighter knit and more traditional cut) at Lane Bryant (on clearance), I grabbed it. The result is that my legs appear longer and my body is more evenly split.

I’m still not entirely sure about this shape, since cardigans like this invariably shows off the fact that my hips are my widest part; I could easily button it at the top, but would have to pull a bit to button it at the bottom, which is a look I’m not wild about.  Still, I like the way this outfit came together.

These shoes are really cute; black patent toe cap, leopard print everywhere else.  But I don’t wear them very often for one simple reason; they have NO arch support.  If anyone, anywhere happens to know of any ballet flats with arch support, PLEASE leave me a note in the comments.

Photo on 3-6-13 at 11.14 AM

d2318_darlene_k_sideThe purse (in the background and at right) is the Darlene, from Melie Bianco.  I have fallen head over heels for her entire product line.  It’s all vegan (no leather), stylish, fun, often has amazing colors and runs around $100/bag.  That’s a price I can deal with.  You’ll be seeing another one of hers very soon that is much funkier, but I picked this one explicitly because it goes with EVERYTHING, is plenty large enough and has a shoulder strap that can be lengthened to work as a cross-body.  This, for me, is the ultimate neutral bag.

I’m also still very happy with what my hair is doing.  One of these mornings I will blow it dry and hit it with the curling iron, but that was not going to be today; today was a “wake up 45 minutes late and rush out the door with my hair still wet” kind of day.

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  1. Angie says:

    I’ve come across two brands of ballet flats with arch support–Born and Sofft, both at Zappos. The problem I’ve had with them is that the arch support is like a wedge of a ping pong ball plopped in the shoe and feels like walking on a rock.

    BTDubs, the new haircut is super cute.

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks on the haircut. I will check out both brands. Another person sent me a note about the brand French Sole, although they are very expensive.

  2. pippa williams says:

    I have to say that out of all the outfits you have posted I really, really like this cardigan … it is very flattering and I DO LIKE the length!!!! pippa

    • Rebecca says:

      Thank you! I am coming to rapidly agree with you that it is a better length for me. Now I just need a few more!

  3. Maria says:

    The cardigan looks sharp. The shape is flattering to your body and looks very polished. I have a similar shape, I think, 48-42-52 and i also love drapey cardigans. I wear them often, but find that knit jackets that are cut closer to my body and shorter cardigans that have more structure look better. For me, sometimes it’s about looks, sometimes about comfort (not as in comfortable, both looks are pretty much the same, but there is something more cozy and comforting about a drapey cardigan that you can wrap around yourself 🙂 María, from Uruguay!

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Maria! Nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles with that decision. The drapey ones feel so nice, but the shorter length and closer cut seems to be a bit more flattering. Ah well, for now I think we should just keep both and enjoy it! My personal goal is also to start looking for some shorter drape-front designs in the hope of getting the best of both worlds!