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Playing against type

Photo on 3-5-13 at 12.29 PMOne of the things this blog has helped me with is to realize that I actually do have a style; I like strong colors, geometric patterns, high contrast designs, straight hair.  So today’s outfit is definitely against type.  Soft colors, floral, and I even let my hair go a little curly today.  But I love the colors and the cardi is super soft and comfy, so I keep wearing it anyway.

  • Olive and purple cardigan (J.Jill, old)
  • Purple tank (J.Jill, old)
  • Olive cargo pants (Lane Bryant, old)
  • Olive suede hobo bag (Dooney and Burke, purchased off ebay)
  • Khaki Larissa sandals  (Earthies)

41-O93h6yeLThis is also the first morning in a LONG time where I forgot to even put on a necklace.  I was dealing with the shoes.  They have 5 separate buckles that you can adjust to make them fit your feet correctly, and this is the first time I had worn them, so it took some fiddling to get the the buckles all adjusted correctly.  I picked these up in black and tan off ebay last fall because, since they are earthies and highly customizable, I know they would be good for my feet.  I’m very excited that it’s finally warm enough to wear them.

Photo on 3-5-13 at 12.26 PM #3

As I mentioned last week, I went and got a haircut.  Not a bit change in style, but the hair dresser gave me a neat piece of advice.  To amp up the waves a bit, put a little mousse in and, while my hair is wet, just twist it into lots of small to mid-sized twists.  This is the result.  Obviously not the big curls I would get with a curling iron, but I like the effect.


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The problem with impulse buys…

IMG_2570I was walking through Target about a week ago and spotted this gorgeous bright pink and white polka dot scarf.  I threw it in my basket and went about the rest of my shopping. What I DIDN’T realize until I tried to wear it this morning is that the thing is ENORMOUS!!  Like, babushka huge.  I have comforters that are smaller.  So styling it proved kind of challenging for me.  I didn’t want a big knot of fabric sitting on top of my chest, so I ended up using a stretchy ring to hold it together.   It still draped over my shoulders and down my back, not to mention reaching nearly to my knees.  I may take the fabric to a friend who has a serger and have her cut it into a few long narrow scarves for me and a half dozen of my friends 🙂

  • Black skinny jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black shark bite cardigan (purchased at Marshall’s)
  • Pink tank (that you can’t see, Lane Bryant)
  • Pink polka dot scarf (Target 53×53 – wow)
  • Owl ring (Charming Charlies
  • Pink and Green Bracelets (Little Black Bag)
  • Black Sandals (Merrill, old)
  • Black and white bag (Kate Spade, on clearance)

I swear, I didn’t start this blog just to try to trim my closet but that appears to be the result.  For example, these sandals look like crap; they are way beaten on, and while they were ok when hidden under wide leg trousers, they don’t look good with skinnies.  Time for them to be replaced I think.

Photo on 3-4-13 at 5.35 PM #2

This is also the new haircut, and it appears that I need some more practice styling it.  The product I use made my roots look greasy.  However overall I like it.  I can’t wait to see it a little curly.

I had a really good talk with my boss today about a number of things.  It’s amazing (and a little sad) how much that improves my mood.  I was walking on air for much of the rest of the day due to just a few positive words about my performance.  It reminds me that I owe the people who report to me (and for that matter the people I work with) those types of cudos on a regular basis as well.  It’s a little thing that can drastically improve a person’s day.

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