A brief note about the short life and quick demise of Eloquii

One of the reasons I started this blog was because if you aren’t either under a size 18 or under 30, it can be hard to find nice, stylish but work-appropriate clothing.  So it makes me sad that yet another option is going away:

A Special Message to our Fans

For more than a year, eloquii has served you by delivering quality, must-have fashion in sizes that highlight your confident curves. In return, you have given us great feedback about how we can better serve you.

We look forward to offering you new fashion at www.eloquii.com through the summer. However, after a year’s test at market, we have decided to phase out eloquii and we have begun discussions with others who have expressed an interest in the future of the brand and/or its products.

Thank you so much for your support and for your feedback as we developed and refined eloquii over the last year. We recognize that eloquii plays an important role in our fans’ lives and look forward to better serving our clients in the future.

If you blinked, you might have missed Eloquii. They appeared about a year ago, brought out by The Limited group, to fill the niche of work clothing for plus sizes (similar to the niche that the Limited serves in straight sizes).  They carried up to a 22/24, and much of it was quite nice.  I have a number of pieces in my closet.

But it would have been really easy to miss them.  They should fire the advertising agency they were using, assuming they were using one.  Personally, I

  • NEVER saw a single advertisement (and frankly, I watch a LOT of TV)
  • Never heard a radio ad
  • Never saw a banner ad
  • Never saw an ad in a magazine
  • Never saw them reach out or partner with a blogger
  • Never saw a sign that they were at any of the plus fashion events
  • Didn’t even see press releases (despite substantial google alerts on things related to plus sized clothing).

I’ve heard recently that apparently they had a small section (20 items, which frankly isn’t worth the time, but still) in about 5 Limited stores.  Never knew, and I pay attention to these things.

It’s no wonder the brand didn’t perform.  They missed opportunities to advertise at pretty much every price point, from nearly free working with bloggers to prime time TV and major magazines.

Of course, if the brand were perfect that might have been able to overcome this lack of advertising, but my experience was that they were having some growing pains during their first year.  Inconsistent sizing caused me to send back about half the things I purchased, and the fact that they really only had 3 sizes (14/16, 18/20, 22/24) meant that there were no chances for someone on the top end of that to go up a size to fix the issue.

But up until this message came out I assumed these were growing pains.  Apparently not.  So, goodbye to Eloquii.  We hardly even knew you.

BTW, If you like their stuff, the word is that they are going to still be running for a few more months.  My understanding is that they have summer items ready to go, but will be phasing out after that.  So grab it now, and express your disappointment in the way this has gone down. It can’t hurt.

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