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Rock of Ages

I watched Rock of Ages this evening. I have a few thoughts.

  1. Having lived through that time period, I can honestly say that I had that hair, dressed kind of like that, and loved every song (except Foreigners “I Want to Know What Love Is”; I didn’t like it then, and I don’t like it now).
  2. I also STILL know the words to every song.  I am convinced that when I am in a wheelchair and have forgotten my own name, I will still remember the words to every song by a stadium rock or hair metal band.  I will go to my grave singing “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, just to mess with the caretakers at the home.
  3. I still love it all, too.  Half of my cycling music was on that soundtrack.
  4. When I think back to that time period, my music skipped straight from hair metal to grunge.  I entirely missed the boy band thing.  I’m pretty sure that was for the best.
  5. I may be permanently scarred by seeing Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin kiss and sing a love song to one another.  Permanently scarred.
  6. However I will admit that Russell Brand was PERFECTLY cast in this.  First thing I’ve seen him in that I liked.
  7. I like this version of Don’t Stop Believing better than the Glee one.  I think it’s because they weren’t an octave apart; I hate that.  I like a lot of Glee’s covers (I can’t believe I admitted that in public) and that song was really powerful when it came out, but I always hated that octave difference.
  8. I’ve been to bars just like the Bourbon.  I spent the first half of my 20s in them.  And I loved it.  If I wasn’t at one of the bars, I was at a live concert somewhere.  I really miss live music, but every time I think about going to a concert these days what I mostly think about is the traffic and the drunk/high crowds and the parking and all that stuff.
  9. I also think about how, if I went to see any of the stuff I like these days, kids would think I was awfully old to be there.  I don’t want to be the old chick.
  10. I can’t believe they put the Rolling Stone chick in a white shirt, glasses and a plaid schoolgirl skirt without doing “Hot for Teacher”.  Did Van Halen not want to give up the rights?  (Yes, that was from the VIDEO, back when MTV played video’s.  There were a number of references to the videos in there.)

I’m going to go work on my cycling itunes playlist.  I think I missed a couple of good songs….