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This is what happens when you are running late…

IMG_2386You fall back on the same-old same-old types of outfits.  The tried and true pieces.  Not a bad outfit, but not a particularly innovative one.  I’m ok with that.  I’ll be innovative tomorrow, when I’m not dealing with a meeting with 3 VPs getting moved from 1pm to 9am.  I found out about the change right when I got up and ended up pulling out the first things I had that would look good and skipping the pictures until much later in the day.

  • Black ponte pants (Coldwater Creek; I PROMISE to wear a skirt or dress tomorrow!)
  • Black boyfriend cardigan (Michael Kors, purchased at Marshall’s)
  • Pink and Purple tank (Lane Bryant, similar)
  • Purple bracelet (can’t recall)
  • Purple necklace (gift from my husband many years ago)
  • Black Josef Seibel shoes (Zappos)
  • Purse (Kate Spade, after christmas sale)

I met up with a prior coworker last night after work and she suggested that to get better pictures I needed to get the camera up higher.  So in this case it is on top of my bookshelf.  I can see how it could help, although the lighting in my office (as with EVERY office) is bad enough that the overall finished product isn’t anything to brag about.

Photo on 2-27-13 at 3.27 PM #3

I ran out of the house so quickly this morning that I didn’t get to change out my purse either.  Of course, this is probably the best purse in my wardrobe to have that happen with; it goes with nearly everything I own!