It seemed like a good idea at the time….

IMG_2346Ever have an idea in your head that seems so good but doesn’t work when you put it on?  That’s today’s outfit.  I mean really, how could a silk tank go wrong?  But apparently, it’s a proportion thing.

  • Purple print silk tank (J.Jill, old)
  • Purple Cardigan (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black ponte pants (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black bracelet (Jessica Simpson, purchased from Little Black Bag)
  • Black cameo necklace (Eloquii, old)
  • Black and white bag (Kate Spade, clearance after christmas – great deal)

So what am I not happy with?

  1. The tank is too long and hangs funny over my hips)
  2. The cardigan shape may not be one I should every buy again; it doesn’t seem flattering.  That was no big deal over a tank from the same knit, but is very obvious with this top.
  3. The necklace isn’t showing up at all; it blends into the top and disappears, which sucks because I really like this necklace

Ah well.  Every outfit can’t be a winner.  And since I’m an OUTFIT blogger and not a fashion blogger (IE I don’t claim to know a ton about fashion, just about what I like and think looks good) I can get away with that!

Photo on 2-26-13 at 4.28 PM #2

Still, retiring this outfit after today; I may add the tank to the donate pile or possibly even try to sell it on ebay along with those purses.  Not like it would be a special trip to the post office.


If you have a moment, I would LOVE to collect some opinions on haircuts I am considering.  Take a moment and put a comment below on which of these you think would be most flattering on me (the cuts, not the colors…I’m not going blonde…):



Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest


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  1. Double Threes says:

    I love those cocoon cardis, they work wonderfully with dresses. But with pants, I find they work better with a column of color – i.e. blue pants and top, contrasting black cardi over the top. I also find slimmer cut pants work better, but YMMV. Cute bag!

    • Rebecca says:

      I think you are right; I’ll give the cardi a try with some different pieces. I need to FIND slimmer cut work pants still. That is next on my shopping list!

      • Double Threes says:

        Oh hey, your hair bit didn’t even show up in my reader! The first two cuts are very “styled” – you will have to use product and appliances EVERY DAY. The 3rd one is less styled but looks like it will go limp pretty fast … this is why my hair is yanked back into an oh so stylish/attractive/age-appropriate ponytail most days …

        You mentioned hating your double chin. My jowls sympathize. All 3 of those styles will bring attention right to that part of your face. Have you tried volume up top, bring attention to the eyes and cheekbones? Bangs take a lot less time to style than the whole dang head.


        • Rebecca says:

          That;s a really good point about all the work of the first 2. Of course even my current straight look requires a blow dryer every single morning. But realistically I don’t have enough wave to get the curly look without help. Why hasn’t someone figured out how to do that with a perm yet?

  2. Alison @ Get Your Pretty On says:

    Your bracelet is so cute. And I voted for the first haircut. Thanks for linking up this week!

  3. Ana says:

    Love the curly hair with the bangs. Would look super cute on you. Great outfit too. I love layering with a cardigan like that!

  4. Leelee says:

    Too bad the tank hid the necklace.

  5. i love your honesty, but i like the cut of that sweater on you! whatever you feel good in is what works, i say. thanks for linking up! i voted for the first cut. very fun that you asked.

  6. Susan Drysdale says:

    I like the cardigan on you but you’re right that the tank needs to be shorter…no longer than the cardi. Then I think it would look great. Susan

  7. pippa williams says:

    I Love this purse!