Oscar thoughts

As one might expect, there aren’t a LOT of plus-sized ladies at the Oscars.  Still, I would have liked to see plus-sized fashion better represented.

Adele, Oscar’s 2013

She just recently had a baby and her body has recovered well.  The beaded black is lovely and sparkly.  The dress is fitted well and skims her body.  I love the sheer sleeves.  My only negative is that the neckline seems very high for this type of event; I would have liked to see a somewhat lower scoop neck.  Still, this dress was successful.  I LOVE her hair down!

Octavia Spencer – Oscar’s 2013

This dress is also perfectly fitted and quite lovely.  I’m not digging the color, but it suits her skin well enough.  (There is something subversive about a woman of color wearing a dress in what would be considered a “nude” on a white woman.)  This doesn’t make me go wow or want to run out to the designer (Tadashi Shoji), but I think she looks lovely.

Melissa McCarthy, Oscar’s 2013

Melissa, Melissa, Melissa.  WHY???  Where should I start…

  • What’s up with the pompadour?  Not at all flattering.
  • Grey?  GREY?  Even if it weren’t kind of an icky color to start with, it does NOTHING for your skin.
  • This dress does NOTHING for your figure.  In fact, it fits like a badly tailored tent.
  • What’s up with the sleeves?  Tell me those are not creasing like that because they are dolman’s because, frankly that is not a good look on anyone?
  • It looks cheap to me; like the beading was done separately and then sewn on, and I half expect the fabric to be a stretchy knit jersey.
  • At least Adele had sheer sleeves.  This is unrelentingly opaque and dull in color.

My first impression of this dress was as follows:  Melissa looks like a mother of the bride who is particularly embarrassed by her size.  And in the end that really is my biggest problem.  This is the dress of someone who has given up and now believes all the things that people say about fat chicks.

The only person out there who is MORE covered up was Emmanuelle Riva, who is old enough to justify it.  And it isn’t especially attractive on HER either.

In the end, Melissa, you are a BEAUTIFUL woman who managed to make herself look drab, colorless, shapeless and unattractive.  You have looked so much better at previous awards shows:




Oscar’s 2012


Critic’s Choice (ONE OF MY FAVORITES)


2012 Emmys (LOVE this one – #1 in my book)

You have done better, and you can DO better.  We WANT you to do better.  I hate seeing the internet aflame with people hating on your dress.  Embrace who you are and your shape and make the most of it!  Leave the grey tents for … well, frankly no one.

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  1. Maybe Melissa likes the Emmys better. Those 2 dresses are gorgeous. I also like Octavia’s dress.