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What I wore to go shopping…

IMG_2123It’s been quite some time since I’ve gone out shopping; I shop online quite a lot, but have been way too busy to go out and about.  And it happens that there is a new mall in the area; an outlet mall that includes an H&M that carries their plus-sized line.  I decided that made it worth the effort to drive over there and check it out.

Of course, on a day like today it wasn’t hard to convince me to drive to the other side of town.  It hit around 80 degrees, so I put the top down on my car and enjoyed some sunshine.

It was a VERY successful shopping trip overall.  I got some really impressive deals today, including a couple of additional copies of a particular t-shirt I found at Marshall’s recently that fit immaculately and can be used to replace the ones I have that are worn out.  When it comes to basics like this, I try to buy multiples, which makes it all that much worse when I find great things at Marshall’s.  The end result was that I drove all over town and visited (as well as the new mall) 6 other stores.  Good thing it was a nice day for a drive 🙂  The bad news is that after driving way across town, I didn’t find anything of interest at H&M.  I tried on a dozen items, but none were doing it for me.  However they also had a Lane Bryant “outlet” in the same shopping center that turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  I found a lot of items there that you will be seeing soon.

You’ll see the new outfits showing up over time, although nearly all require warmer weather.  There is a a storm coming through this week that will drop the temperature into the 50s.  That means pulling out the heavy sweaters for another week.  Then Arizona should be mostly done with winter and I can start the process of getting all the heavy sweaters dry cleaned and boxed up for the winter.

The shopping trip also cemented my color scheme for the next few months; black, white, navy, and fuchsia (hot pink).  Shopping during the spring is always difficult for me because so many of the colors aren’t flattering with my skin tone.  Usually it’s easier to find red but not this spring; luckily fuchsia is a good color as well.

I still have a couple of items on my shopping list:

  • A short-sleeved, loose weave navy cardigan
  • Navy work pants (I can get away with jeans, but something lighter weight would be nice)
  • White skinny jeans; these will require some care so that they are not see-through or clingy in the wrong places.  They could also be pants
  • Khaki straight or skinny pants of I can find some that look good.  (I’ve run into problem with that color next to even my feet…it isn’t a good color for me in general, and even next to my feet can look wrong.)

All these are basics; if I stumble on any interesting graphic pieces, those are possibilites.  But no more stripes; I bought 3 or 4 striped items today, and I think that’s enough 🙂