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Not dead yet

IMG_2094Sorry for the dearth of posts; last friday I started to get sick and haven’t been out of my pajamas again until this morning.

Of course, looking at this outfit I could have just stayed in my PJs.  I used to adore this sweater (and it’s still warm and cozy) but I think it is far too long to be flattering.  My legs look like they are so short….  All of which sucks, because I love the color!

  • Black trousers (Coldwater Creek)
  • Purple print tank (J.Jill)
  • Purple Cardigan (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black Josef Seibel shoes
  • Silver and purple necklace (Forever 21)
  • Kate Spade bag

The new bag (Kate Spade) was an amazing deal; they recently had things on 75% off and then sent another 20% off coupon to their subscriber list.  End result is another $378 for $103 including tax and shipping.  And with spring coming and the eternal black and white trend that I love so much, this one is sure to be seen regularly!

Anyway, I’m feeling better and should be posting more regularly again!  However I’m going to need to restart the challenge as of today.  I completely lost track of my outfits (although I did successfully wear the same pjs for several days in a row, but I don’t think that counts).

pleated poppy

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