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IMG_1873It’s thursday, a relatively quiet day in terms of blog hops, so here is one to bridge the gap.  I went a little lame today with the Take One, Pass it On challenge by passing on my shoes.  I needed a change of palette.

My outfit today makes use of a couple of new items from after-christmas sales.   J.Jill is one of my favorite stores, but I can’t shop there in person because they don’t carry the plus sizes in stores.  (I hate to break it to them but if, like Talbots, they at least carried them in a FEW locations they would be making a LOT more money off of me.)

  • Wearever Bell-sleeve jacket (J.Jill)
  • Wearever Tank (J.Jill)
  • Black Ponte Trousers (Coldwater Creek)
  • Foley + Coronna Jet Set Mini in Tan (6pm)
  • Black and Leopard Roller Rink Mary Janes (Aerosoles)
  • Wood, Gold and Leopard Bangles

The Wearever stuff is really comfortable, easily washable, and non-wrinkling/non-shrinking.  Gotta love that part.

Looking at the picture now, I’m not convinced the purse is the right shade. The color is more mustard than tan, which I like but may not have been the best choice for this outfit.  Still, I love the purse.

It’s a little hard to see but I am wearing my black and leopard pumps; I like the look of the animal print with the rest of the outfit.  The colors are right and I can claim to have mixed patterns 🙂

Photo on 1-31-13 at 12.51 PM

I also realized that there was no way you could get a good look at the bangles and necklace (or even the print on the shirt) from the big picture, so here is a closeup.  I don’t remember where I got the bangles set, but the big one is a leopard print design and I love the wild touch it adds. The necklace is one you’ve seen before that I got off Fab. Linking up to Look What I Got and Almost Friday on Thursday, and Fashion Friday, Favorite Frock Fridays, 235, Aloha Friday and My Friday Fancies on Friday..


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  1. Tara_St says:

    I love those bangles. The leopard one just gives the outfit a little special touch. Thanks for linking up!

    Penniless Socialite

  2. Ana says:

    I really like the bag with the outfit, it definitely pops against the outfit and I am loving the color! Plus, who doesn’t love a leopard bangle?

    I also HATE it when retail stores don’t carry all their sizing in stores. Banana Republic drives me wild because they carry petites in store but not 14P or 16P. I once went in to look for a skirt I saw online and the sales guy made a huge deal of how they don’t carry the “bigger” sizes in stores, but I should check online. Their sizing is so inconsistent that I sometimes fit into regular 8 or 10P and can’t zip up a regular 14 on the same day! I wish I could quit them… wow…I just tried to take over your blog. Sorry!

    • Rebecca says:

      Exactly! And what I think they forget is that it can have a real impact on the bottom line. Part of the reason I have SO MANY pants from Coldwater Creek is that I can wear many of their size 20s (and some 18s). But like you, there are times when I need a larger size. The fact that they are available in the store for me to try on makes a HUGE difference.