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Mustard and Blue, now with more Owls

IMG_1915I decided that I wanted to give the Mustard Cardigan one more outing before deciding whether to keep or donate it.  My husband doesn’t think it’s a good color on me, while my concern is that it is really swamping me due to it’s size and thickness.  Vote down below!

  • Mustard Cardigan (Alloy)
  • Blue/Navy Shirt (Marshalls)
  • Dark wash jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black Josef Seibel Mary Janes (my feet hurt this morning from walking across campus for a meeting yesterday)
  • Owl Pendent (Charming Charlies)

I really waffle on the cardigan – it’s a waffle weave, warm and comfy, and different enough to be kind of exciting to me.  I wore it here before.

So, keep or donate?

I didn’t blow dry my hair this morning (I spent too much time in the closet trying on different combinations; my goal for February is to start planning my outfits the night before!) and it shows.  When I was a kid you couldn’t get my hair to curl with anything less than a perm, and even those fell out quickly.  Now it has this funky, not entirely pleasing wave.  Meh.  Still, here is a closeup that shows the texture of the sweater and my grumpy owl necklace!

Photo on 2-1-13 at 2.41 PM

Lip color is Fresh Sugar Rose.

BTW, I look wide there because my arms are on the arm rests and the sweater is lose enough that you can’t see where my body ends and arms begin. Still, that illusion is one of the things I worry about.

Regardless, these pictures tell me one thing today very clearly; I will be coloring my hair this weekend.  My roots are showing and with them, the grey. Not having any of that.

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