No Thursday Threads this week because, well, I’m lame

I utterly failed to get my act together in time, so there will be no Thursday Threads this week.  My goal is that NEXT week and from there on out it will be up on Wednesday night at Midnight.

No outfit post today either.  The cleaners, who were SUPPOSED to show up at 9:30am showed up at 8:30am.  That meant that I hadn’t even showered, let alone gotten dressed when they got there.  After that, everything was a rush.

Instead, you get three things.  First, a wedding picture of myself and my husband.  Neither of us is comfortable in front of a camera and this is one of the few official shots where our smiles look genuine.  That was nearly 12 years ago, when we lived in upstate New York.


Our wedding was a triumph of prioritization and budgeting.  We had it at a beautiful B&B (that has sadly since burned down), spent NO money on things that weren’t important to us (DJ, expensive floral arrangements) and lots of money on the things that were (amazing food, heavenly cake, open bar).  We spent around $7,000 (of our own money; we were both 35 when we got married) and had a glorious setting and an amazing party with all of our friends.  We brought CDs full of music, ordered roses wholesale for the bouquets and rose petals for the table around white column candles (under $10/table) and I ordered my wedding dress for $300 online.  The harpist for the ceremony, celebrant and photographer were all friends who gave us either their services (the first two) or a huge discount and the negatives (the last one) as wedding gifts.  We then stayed an extra night at the B&B and took our honeymoon a few weeks later when the costs were more rational and we were less stressed.  It was everything I had hoped for!

Next, some gratuitous pictures of our dogs sleeping with our cats.


The first picture is of my adorable Simon with our murderous wild-child cat, Georgie. She was one of the neighborhood strays that we took in as a kitten. Georgie definitely likes the dogs better than she likes me, although she seems to tolerate my husband well enough. Georgie has been known to jump out of trees to bring down pigeons in flight and to catch hummingbirds out of the air and bring them into the house to play with.

The second picture is of Zoe, our rescue rottweiler with Maggie, our rescue cat. Maggie was the unwanted child in a divorce, so we took her in, while Zoe had been living on a golf course. Had you met EITHER of them in the first 3 years we had them you would have thought this picture completely unimaginable.

Finally, two happy smiling dog faces, because you can never have too many of those.


Happy Thursday!


  1. Happy anniversary! Your wedding dress was absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Rachel G says:

    We also chose the route of only spending money on the things hat were important to us. For me, that was mainly photography. What wasn’t important to us was cake (we don’t like cake) and food in general. (I guess we took the route of thinking that you don’t need to eat when you’re in love?) 😛 It’s probably a good thing that my Grandparents made us have some food for the other people.

    • Rebecca says:

      That was probably wise on your part. We could do food and drink primarily because we explicitly (and kind of harshly) limited the guest list to stop at 1st cousins. Had we let it go to 2nd cousins and beyond it would have been 3 times the size, primarily with people we never see except at weddings and funerals. In the end it was under 50 so we got tl actually TALK to people.