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Bad hair days…

IMG_1759I had to rush off for a meeting this morning and didn’t get a chance to blow dry my hair.  It shows, particularly in the full length picture.  Definitely a bad hair day.  The pictures were also pretty fast, which is part of why I’m a little crooked.  (It was actually the camera that was crooked, but…)

  • Black Michael Kors Boyfriend Cardigan (Marshall’s)
  • Black tee (Lane Bryant)
  • Purple slim-leg “jeans” (Coldwater Creek)
  • Scarf (Marshalls)
  • Naot Retro shoes (Zappos)

I’m coming to the conclusion that the word “jeans” on the coldwater creek site is used quite loosely.  These are a nice, khaki-weight stretch denim with no visible stitching; that means the jeans aspect is primarily in the pocket design, which isn’t really visible most of the time.  For that reason, I wear them to work all the time. What I love about this particular design (and plan to go back to the site for pairs in at least 2 other colors) is that the light-weight will make them completely appropriate going into spring and summer.

Photo on 1-29-13 at 12.41 PM #3I’m still not entirely sold on the skinny leg jeans, but it is hard right now to find wide legs and I am finding that certain silhouettes look better right now with a slim leg.  Not all of them, but some looks.  I think part of it is that I’ve become accustomed to that look; I see it all the time, both on blogs and on campus, so now it is less painfully obvious.  I do think that it looks better if the pants aren’t skin tight, though.  When I’m walking these actually have a little room in the thigh and I think that makes the whole thing look better.

I’m off this afternoon to go to a routine doctor’s appointment and then shopping at a particular marshall’s which is way away from my house but always has the best stuff in town, so keep your fingers crossed and send good shopping thoughts!

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