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An explanation of how I look in all those pictures…


Sorry, not taking pictures in the pouring down rain

Photo on 1-28-13 at 10.51 AM #2Sorry, but I was not about to take pictures outside this morning in the pouring down rain, and I failed to get up early enough to do it at home, so we’re back to pictures in my office.  Crummy ones at that.  (I got grumpy.)  It doesn’t matter, because on the scale of getting dressed, today was kind of lame and I completely forgot to put on any jewelry.  My face looks weirdly plastic too.  Just not my day.

  • Black ponte trousers (coldwater creek)
  • Black and white floral shirt (old navy, old)
  • Black button-down shark-hem knit cardigan (Cable and Gauge, purchased at Marshall’s)
  • Black Josef Seibel Mary Janes
  • Black and brown bucket purse (Brahmin)

This is what happens when I wake up with a throbbing migraine.  I forget to put on jewelry and wear all black so that I don’t have to think about it.  This cardigan has some nice diagonal detailing on it, but the camera on my imac will not pick it up.  Next time I wear it, I’ll try to get a better picture.

Photo on 1-28-13 at 10.30 AM #2

The purse is in the background of this one, and I think my face looks kind of nice.

It’s probably a good thing, in the end, that when I look at this picture my principle thoughts are that I look naked without at least a necklace and that I wish I had done my nails last night instead of spending the evening thrashing uselessly on an analysis that is proving FAR more difficult than it’s supposed to be.  It shows that this process of taking pictures if forcing me to do better and pay more attention to those things.

On the other hand, I am VERY pleased with those glasses.  They have turned out to be a really good shape for my face!

Supposedly that’s it for the rain, so while it is supposed to be cold for a few more days it will at least be sunny.  Maybe then my migraine will go away.

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