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What I wore to take the dogs to the Vet in the rain

IMG_1747A whole lot of fashion bloggers focus on inspirational pictures; images of great looks for “all occasions”, although none of those occasions seem to be about taking the dogs to the vet, going to the home store for mulch or other normal, out and about types of things that have the potential to make a real mess out of whatever you are wearing.  Well, I am not that type of fashion blogger.

Yesterday the dogs had vet appointments.  It was raining (a relatively rare occurrence in AZ) on and off all day and was even sprinkling when this picture was taken.  That is part of why I look so odd; the other part is that I was trying to keep  my eyes open wide instead of the squint they often fall into when I’m not paying attention.  Vet appointments mean stress and therefore shedding for the dogs.  Rain means muddy dogs.  Therefore my carefully chosen outfit was designed so that it didn’t matter.

  • Skinny jeans (Avenue, same as yesterday, they were going in the wash anyway….)
  • Blue, white and black printed Tee (J.Jill, no longer available in plus)
  • Black drape-front sweatshirt (DKNY, purchased at Marshall’s)
  • Necklace (the boutique across the street from work)
  • Brown boots (LLBean, see yesterday‘s post)
  • Blue print bag (Baggalini, purchased at Marshall’s)

All of the clothing has been washed before and can stand up to being washed again.  The black drape front sweatshirt is a great piece when I need something a little warmer but want it loose and easy – I can wrap that around me like a blanket or leave it open and loose.  It isn’t the most flattering garment I own, but it is very practical and easy to clean.  That met the requirements of the day.

The blue bag is actually new and it was kind of an impulse buy.  I don’t wear a lot of blue, but I really liked the pattern, shape, size and features.  Like all Baggalini items, it’s light weight and water resistant, with a strap that can adjust to be either a shoulder or cross-body bag.  (Free hands help a LOT when dealing with the dogs.)  I only found one for sale on ebay, and it is WAY overpriced.  (If this bag fits your style and you are madly in love with it, let me know; my local marshall’s had half a dozen of them for $29.99 compared to the $59.99 it is showing for on ebay.)