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THURSDAY THREADS! So much for the nice weather…

IMG_1684Today it was raining on the way in to work.  It’s supposed to keep that up through the weekend.  It’s giving me a migraine (which is why I look kind of grumpy in the picture), and the drab colors forced me to bring out my best defense against drabness; this scarf!

  • Grey knit jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Purple sweater tank (Coldwater Creek)
  • Purple cardigan (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black MaryJanes (Joseph Seibel)
  • Purple purse (Kate Spade)
  • Scarf (Marshall’s)

I picked up the tank and cardigan on the Coldwater Creek end of season clearance – they often have amazing prices, and these were close to 70% off by the time I got them.  I actually was surprised to realize that I didn’t have this really dark purple already, so these were a great buy.  That, however, is also why there are no links.  The sweaters are both sold out in this color and in most sizes.  That is kind of the point of a clearance sale, after all.

69fbb36b0d9fba02853ffe8f2fcb5c97.image.300x300The purse falls into the same category. I got it on clearance so it is no longer available on the site.  However if you are madly in love with it, drop me an email at rebecca at grownupplus dot com; I’m probably going to list it on ebay because it is turning out to be a little too small for a day to day purse.  I had to leave a bunch of stuff home today so that I could close it, which means I need a bigger purple purse, which means I really should sell this one.  My husband is starting to get a bit cranky at the steady inflow of bags, which means its time for a steady outflow to go with it!

Photo on 1-24-13 at 1.21 PMOnce I got to work I re-tied the scarf kind of like a man’s tie, but I’m not sure yet which I like better.  However this small picture both shows the purse AND a little more of the scarf.

I actually really like this picture because, while it doesn’t do a great job at showing off the scarf, my hand looks very graceful and my nails (Julep Lucy) look really good.  You can’t tell at ALL how badly I slopped polish over the sides of my nails onto my cuticles.  I really suck at doing my own nails, and somehow dark colors make that worse….

Then I decided I wanted a better picture of the scarf, so I took this one:

Photo on 1-24-13 at 1.21 PM #3 This picture does a better job of showing off all the gorgeous orange and hot pink in the scarf.  However that shot took a few tries in order to not look like I wanted to strangle someone with the scarf.  So here’s one silly attempt with way too much of my beaver teeth and gums. I took it in order to try to loosen up a little.

Photo on 1-24-13 at 1.19 PM #3Hey. It’s my blog. I can post goofy pictures of myself if I want to!  This is also proof that I DO have teeth and occasionally smile.  However I also have a GAP between my front teeth and some veneers that are badly in need of replacement, not to mention naturally smiling with way more gum than is even showing in this picture, so for now there will not be any big grins.

On the plus side, my hair looks really good for having walked across campus in a drizzling rain this morning….It was, admittedly, fluffier before (in the full length picture) but it doesn’t appear to have gone too frizzy or oddly wavy.  Some days, that’s all you can ask for!

And now on to Thursday Threads!  (I promise next week I’ll post this earlier!)