My beloved burgundy

IMG_1381Every season brings a new color that is THE color.  This fall it was burgundy, which happens to be one of my all time favorite and best colors.  I’ve been snapping it up where I could find it.  This outfit uses a burgundy tank under a charcoal cardigan with black pants as a way to make sure the burgundy really stood out.

Of course the other thing I was trying to show off with this outfit was the shoes, which hardly show.  I found these on clearance at a local shoe store that specializes in comfort shoes that are cute.  (The place is right off campus, so it has to appeal to students; that tends to result in a really interesting mix of styles.)  Here’s what the shoes look like:

img-thing I’m not entirely sure why they appear so brown in all the pictures I am finding, even though they are marked grey.  If you look at the picture, they are clearly grey.  However this is the same basic design; 3 shades of suede in different levels of grey.  I’ll have to find an outfit somewhere that shows them off a bit better.

I’m not entirely happy with this cardigan.  I think it’s because I have one or two other grey cardigans that have more shape.  This one is looking boxy to me now.  It might be time to put it into the “donate” tote (we keep one in the closet so that, as we try things and decide they aren’t working, we can drop them straight in). What do you think?

This weekend was spent almost entirely recovering from last week’s travel. I hid in my office, talked to as few people as I possibly could, and worked on my not insubstantial to do list of all the things outside my day job; my consulting (expense report, time tracking, and lots of notes), volunteer work (trying to figure out how to estimate the flow of animals through the shelter) and the course I’m taking right now on classical music.  I also took the dogs for a walk; the weather is recovering, which is glorious.  Oh, and caught up on the week’s worth of TV.  Today (Monday) is a day off work, so I think that by tomorrow I should be willing and able to deal with people again.  I hope.

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  1. Patti_NotDeadYetStyle says:

    The gray oxfords are fab! I think I need a pair just the same : > Thanks for sharing with visible Monday.

  2. PATRICIA says:

    love the shoes! i’d like a pair myself!

    trish @ tales

    • Rebecca says:

      Gabor, although I think they are last season. I got them on clearance. Still, I expect to get a couple of years of wear out of them!

  3. PinkCheetahVintage says:

    The shoes are cute and I know what you mean about wanting to show them off! I literally rolled and pinned my cotton pants in my last post because I wanted to show the shoes!! Do you have any ankle length pants/capris/skirts/dresses you could wear them with next time just so you could show them off more? If you’re not totally feeling the cardi then donate– especially if you have some other similar alternatives that you prefer 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      I’m going to try them with a pair of grey tights and a dress later this week or early next. I had to wait for the tights to come from We Love Colors, but they arrived on friday!

  4. CCs_Cheap_Chic says:

    I LOVE those shoes! So cute and trendy and fun. 🙂 And burgundy, grey and black is a favorite color scheme of mine too. I love burgundy so much it was one of my wedding colors (way back in 1999). As far as the sweater goes, I think it looks fine especially with your flowy pants. A perfect graceful line from your shoulders to your toes.

    • Rebecca says:

      Burgundy was one of my wedding colors as well (2001) – black and white and burgundy as an accent made for a beautiful, classic, classy day.

  5. Bren says:

    I have no idea how I found my way to your blog, but I have got to say I am so happy I did! I am a plus size, late 40’s year old that just took a Monday through Friday job. I previously worked for over 20 years in a 911 center. My work attire there was very casual. Sweatshirts, jeans and tennis shoes were the norm. We had no public contact. I now work in a “casual” professional office and have lots of contact with the public. I am having to build a casual professional wardrobe and am having a hard time. I love your style! I have spent hours looking at previous posts on your blog! I think I am starting to pick up on some ideas. It’s about having some “key” items and “building” around them. Thank you for sharing! You look so nicely put together in all your posts! I also love that you post where the items you are wearing were purchased. For example, I have never shopped at Kohls. I think that is about to change! Thank you!


    • Rebecca says:

      Welcome, Bren. I’m so glad you found me! I try hard to put together outfits that are comfortable, casually professional, and look pulled together, so it’s nice to see others think I am successful. The good news is that you can change over slowly from your 911 wardrobe to your new position. I’ll do a post this week talking about how to put together a work wardrobe from scratch, since another friend recently asked the same question.

      In the meantime, check out kohls, but definitely try things on and pay attention to how the fabric feels. For example I really don’t like many of the tee shirt brands they have there (sonoma, for example) because I don’t like the way the fabric drapes. On the other hand most things, from from their Apt 9 and Elle feel better to me. Kohls prices are terrific, so they are definitely worth shopping.

  6. Donate, but only if you have others that you like better. Cardies are always a problem for me as I don’t have much drawer space to store them flat, and I am too short to put them folded on the shelves in my closet. I keep trying to keep life at waist level, but it just doesn’t work! BTW … burgundy works beautifully for you, as you know!

  7. Debbi @ She Accessorizes Well says:

    I do love those shoes! I am sure they show as you walk in this fab outfit.