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Travel, outfits, and working WAY too hard

IMG_1551So now it’s friday.  10pm.  I was so busy this week that I didn’t have even a minute to grab a cell phone picture.  I know that sounds insane, but it’s true.  My monday flight got in after midnight, my meetings started each day around 8am, went all day, then went out as a group afterwards for dinner, getting back to my hotel after 10pm.  This went on until thursday, when after work I had to go straight to the airport.  I got back around midnight, had to get up and go to work today and catch up on everything that had fallen through the cracks during the week.  I got done after 6pm tonight.  The result is that this is the first minute I’ve had to sit down at my computer.

Anyway, the week involved 2 more work outfits.  Nothing special in either case, really.  Actually pretty much the same old uniform; tank/tee, black pants, cardigan, and a scarf.

  • Black Ponte Pants (Coldwater Creek)
  • Raisin Cardigan (Coldwater Creek)
  • Snake Print Shell (Michael Kors, Marshalls)
  • Scarf (can’t recall)
  • Bracelet (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black shoes (Josef Seibel)

IMG_1563The other outfit I took with me was similar.  I admit that the lack of imagination goes with the nature of what I knew the week would involve.  A lot of sitting around in uncomfortable office chairs listening to boring software vendors, very little chance even to move around or even get up for a few minutes.

  • Black Ponte Pants (Coldwater Creek)
  • Burgundy beaded tank (Kohls)
  • Grey cardigan (Eileen Fisher, ebay)
  • Scarf (christmas gift)
  • Bracelet (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black shoes (Josef Seibel)

I love this scarf, but I spent all day playing with it, trying to figure out how to make it work.  It’s much bigger than it appears, square, and while the colors are beautiful the shape gave me problems.  I also have to admit that the off-white color isn’t my best; I tend to look better in pure whites.

I also learned an interesting lesson; don’t wear beaded tops on airplanes, especially when they have those stupid imaging machines.  It really didn’t like that top and resulted in some extra screening.

Anyway, with any luck next week will be back to normal.  The first goal is to get some sleep.

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