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Signature Colors and the return of THURSDAY THREADS

IMG_1458Everyone has colors they gravitate toward, and which are the first things that OTHERS think of when they think about that person. My friend Lauren wears shades of brown and cream, sometimes punctuated with green. When I see her in, say, grey, it looks a little odd to me. My friend Debs wears blues, greens and browns. For me, those colors are black, red and purple.

That was why, while reading blogs over the holidays, I practically SQUEEKED when I saw this dress.  Here it was; my signature colors in a nice, graphic pattern!  Now, I have low expectations when reading blogs, because many of the items are either too expensive, no longer available or not available in my size.  However when I looked at the site that Megan referenced, there was this dress, up to a 22 (although they only had up to a 20 in stock), and half price.  I took a chance and ordered the 20.  It showed up last night and I HAD to wear it today.

  • Dress (London Times Fashion)
  • Footless Leggings (Lane Bryant)
  • Heeled black boots (old)
  • Purple bangles (Lane Bryant)
  • Necklace (my artist friend: here is her etsy shop)
  • Red and Black Kate Spade Purse (not pictured today)

London Times Fashion does dresses, but what really got me was that many are available in both straight AND plus sizes.  This is one.  It came with a belt, but hit me at the wrong point (and was kind of plasticy) so I skipped it.

Here is a close-up of the necklace: It’s a vaguely steampunk design that she made and gave me for christmas.

2013-01-10 10.46.34

In other news, today marks the post-holiday return of THURSDAY THREADS, so link up!  I love seeing what everyone is wearing and getting ideas for future outfits!


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