Grey outfit for a Grey day

IMG_1326The skies are overcast and icky (not a common occurrence in Arizona) and it’s a tad chilly, all of which inspired me straight to the grey side of my closet.

  • Black knit jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black tee (can’t recall)
  • Grey and black striped cardigan (Kohls)
  • Black shoes (Josef Seibel)
  • Grey Owl-print Infinity Scarf

Since this was basically a day of running errands rather than work, the overall look is pretty casual but warm and cozy.  The most interesting thing (and certainly the only new one) was the scarf.  It reads as just grey in the picture, but here is a closeup of the pattern:


LOVE IT.  This pattern makes me smile!  Great colors, soft fabric, and OWLS (which were my thing LONG before they came into style and will remain my thing after they go out of style again.)

Other then that, the outfit wasn’t especially inspired.  But it WAS practical and easy for running around in, warm enough to not need an overcoat, and the scarf made me style.

One other new thing in this picture is that I pulled my hair back into a single barrette.  I’m not the kind of girl that spends a lot of time on my hair; blow drying it is as far as I usually get, and this day I hadn’t even done that.  The barrette was just taming all the fly-aways.  What do you think?  Should I try this type of hairstyle more or should I leave it down?

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