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Mustard for a Monday

IMG_1337For a very long time I have believed that I couldn’t wear any color of yellow.  I have some yellow undertones to my skin, and most creams and soft yellows look terrible on me.  However I LOVE mustard and have been seeing a lot of great outfits using it lately.  So when the after-christmas sales started flying around, I decided to bite the bullet and buy an inexpensive mustard cardigan.  Today’s outfit is the result of that purchase.

  • Mustard cardigan (Alloy)
  • Print Tank (Kohls)
  • Brown Knit Jeans (Coldwater Creek)
  • Leopard print ballet flats
  • Necklace (OLD)
  • Bracelet (Coldwater Creek)

So what do you think?  

Can I wear Mustard?

Is it a GREAT color, just OK, or a NO? 

Or should I relegate it to the “donate” pile and steer clear of all yellows?


(Because it was in the low 40s this morning and had frosted overnight, I decided to take pictures indoors.  The result was many more puppy-bombs, since they find the entire process just fascinating!  And likely more really bad red-eye fixes, since I don’t seem to have the knack quite yet.  I will probably keep taking pictures indoors for another month or so, so get used to seeing Zoe (above) and Simon (tomorrow) in a lot more pictures!  After all, they are my favorite accessories.)

My weekend was pretty dull; Saturday was all about trying to work through a head cold, with minimal success, and reading trashy young adult novels.  Sunday involved meeting up with our god-daughters for a somewhat late christmas, watching them splash in the fountain until the security guard yelled at them, then taking their non-technical parents to the Verizon store to get new phones.  Then, while the girls ate ice cream, I taught mom and dad how to use a smart phone.  It was fun but tiring.

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